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    Evaluate your potential success as an entrepreneur (both in

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    Please help with the following problem regarding entrepreneurial issues . Provide at least 200 words in the solution.

    Evaluate your potential success as an entrepreneur (both in terms of reasons to become an entrepreneur and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs). Would you make a good entrepreneur? Why or why not?

    Imagine starting your own small business. Briefly describe the business and explain how you would finance your venture.

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    I would definitely make a successful entrepreneur. I place a high value on ethics, both in my personal and professional life. The value that I place on ethics would hold true as I grow my company. I would be successful because I would include a entrepreneurial strategy that emphasizes customer relations, while proving goods or services at fair prices ...

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    The following posting addresses entrepreneurial issues. The solution explains the components of a good entrepreneur. It also gives details about starting a business. The explanation is given in 244 words.