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Why is the entrepreneur so important to any business? Set forth and explain five important qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneur is extremely important to any business because an effective entrepreneur leads the organization towards the achievement of its strategic goals, providing the necessary leadership and direction to the organizational employees and helps in coordinating and organizing the organizational resources to attain maximum efficiency and productivity.

Entrepreneur is one who thinks differently and out of the box and helps the organization in creating a name for itself in this extremely competitive world.

Qualities of successful entrepreneur:

. Common Sense

Studies show that most successful businessmen consider common sense as the foundation of their success. Common sense is defined as an ability to make sound judgments on the issues, which you encounter in everyday situations.

Good judgment depends on acquired knowledge and past experience. The combination of these two creates necessary prerequisites in developing common sense in a person. Common sense allows you to understand complex issues in simpler terms and get into the core of a problem.

2. Specialized Knowledge of your ...

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Why is the entrepreneur so important to any business?

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