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Ensuring Security in an e-Commerce Business

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When starting an e-commerce business, the company must ensure that their product or service can be delivered to the customer easily and cheaply. This is indeed true. However: with several organizations having credit card breeches lately, how can an e-commerce business ensure to their customers that the information they provide is secure?

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A basic requirement for a website to be considered an e-Commerce business is that it involves an exchange of goods and services that is done through the Internet. For an e-Commerce to succeed, it needs to build its security system bearing in mind the three main concepts of integrity, confidentiality, and availability. By integrity, the customer is assured that the data remains with him and with the receiver only. With confidentiality, it means that the e-Commerce business must ensure that only authorized parties can read the protected information. Availability assures the customer that they have access and are authorized to view the resources all the time.
To help ensure security for payments done over the Internet, ...

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