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    Nespresso Case Study Evaluation and Analysis

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    Case Study on Nespresso, Nestle's product launch and an evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses.

    Need help writing a review/analysis of the case study. 2 pages

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    Nespresso S.A
    The case describes Nestle's strategies for growth through innovation and renovation for its flagship product Nespresso.

    The industry in which Nestle operated was pretty much stagnant in most markets and in few it was actually declining. Its share in Roast & Ground segment was also limited though it was the largest segment in the coffee industry. The management of Nestle realized that in order to stay ahead in this market they had to do something that hadn't been done before. They knew that gourmet coffee segment was rapidly growing in the US markets and in other developed economies. To cater to this segment, Nestle attempted to combine its R&D strength with its deep knowledge of coffee market to give the market a high quality coffee product.

    Nestle came up with Nespresso, which offered pre-measured coffee in aluminium capsules especially designed to be used in Nespresso coffee machines. Nestle ...

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    Case analysis of Nespresso, evaluation of the Nestle's strategy and marketing of its coffee product.