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Sequestration And Small Businesses

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Sequestration has the potential to hurt small businesses. One example could be the lost of jobs by companies who have government contracts. See Sequestration Hurts Small Business More Than Big Business. Do you agree with the article? Finally what affect do you think this will have on the SBA? How would it affect the business in your plan? Explain.

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Because sequestration deals with spending cuts only (at this point), then the control for those cuts rests with the government. So the flow of potential back lash for these cuts rests with three main categories:

* the federal government - could see some job layoffs (they are being referred to as furloughs), as well as a reduction in spending for ...

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This case represents the potential impact of sequestration on the three major categories of federal government, business, and local governments. It presents potential consequences of the inability of the federal government to bring expenses under control and to seek alternative methods for closing the spending gap.

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