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    Global Warming Plan

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    Representatives of the World Alliance on Global Climate Change show up at your organization one day and say that they are deadlocked on trying to reach a resolution as to how to approach the challenges of global warming. They would like you to decide how the world should respond to this issue.

    Outline a multi-point plan for addressing global warming.

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    One of the best articles for dealing with global warming issues is Stabilization Wedges: Solving the Climate Problem for the Next 50 years with current technologies, by Pacala and Socolow. You can read it online at http://fire.pppl.gov/energy_socolow_081304.pdf.

    This article argues that we can measure the possible increase in greenhouse gases due to the industrialization of currently underdeveloped nations. They estimated this would result in a doubling of fossil fuel emissions of the next 50 years. Obviously what global warming we have now will look like a walk in the part compared with that scenario.

    To prevent this, we can divide this increase into seven "wedges" each of which can be achieved by one strategy. The authors then list 15 possible strategies. We need to pick only seven of these to meet the goal. ...

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    How the world should respond to global warming is examined.