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    Assume that an industrial/organizational psychologist is using integrity tests to advise an organization about employee selection and promotion. What ethical conflicts might this create in terms of his/her responsibilities to the organization and/or its employees?

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    As you examine what ethical conflicts might this testing create in terms of his/her responsibilities to the organization and/or its employees, I feel that the use of merely one measure cannot wholly determine a worker's honesty or morality. I feel that some people do not test well as in academic tests and that some people often do not take these tests seriously because they are often unaware that they are screened if it is covert type. Although I am a highly moral worker, I recently took a covert one for a perspective job, and due to the sheer number of over 120 questions, I found myself getting frustrated with the test and its repetition, and I just started clicking randomly on answers. Thus, this test, to me, embodies many ethical ambiguities, especially when ...

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    The ethics involved in using integrity tests are briefly discussed and referenced.