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Quality Management Reacting Gone Wrong

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Reacting to a Process Gone Wrong
Cignet Plastics Corporation is a contract plastics die-casting house serving a wide range of clients. Over the years, Cignet has been a favored supplier of precision die castings for a major producer of model airplane kits. In recent days the defect rate of these parts has increased. (Acceptance is based on a visual inspection of the parts for appearance.) After a thorough audit of the process, Quality Assurance has concluded that there has been no change to the process. It claims that the increase in defects must be variation that is related to some assignable cause. The president of Cignet Plastics does not have a clue as to what that means, and he has called you in for an explanation.

Discuss the following questions in class or outside of class with your fellow students:
1. What will you tell the president?
2. He wants you to change the process to reduce the number of defects, but you know that is
the wrong approach. How do you talk him out of it?
3. What approach would you use to get the operation back to normal?

Why is it important for managers to

o employ process thinking?

o identify at least two quality management tools that could be used to present data and persuade the president? Why would you use these tools to support your arguments?

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The expert examines quality management reacting gone wrong.

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Quality Management

This article is about the quality check assurance and to find out the reasons of increases in defect, when there is no change in the process.
Answer 1
After analyzing the article, it can be stated that the process of Cignet Plastic Corporation is good to produce product. In the article, it is stated that there is some problem in the production. According to the audit assurance committee, company has problem from the assignable causes that are coming from the employees at production process. Article also stated that the causes of variation in the process included the difference of raw material, skills and operational efficiency of employees, increase in waiting time, etc. That impact on the process and increase the defect rate of finish goods. The variation in quality of products can also come from the different assignments that assign to the different employees of the production department. Different assignments impact the efficiency of the employees and create the problem for them to perform their job in effective manner. It impacts on the quality of products and services and also increases the number of defects in the process of the company.
Answer 2
Changing the process of production ...

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