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    Business Wastage Case Study

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    I need help with this Case Study. I really do not know where to start. It is attached to this post.

    What symptom(s) in this case suggest that something has gone wrong?
    What are the main causes of these symptoms?
    What actions should Cincinnati Super Subs' managers take to correct these problems?

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    Step 1.
    The first symptom in the case that something has gone wrong is an increase in wastage. Specifically, this means employees helping themselves to food and drink when the manager is not watching. Also, giving their friends generous helpings and occasional free soft drinks and chips is a symptom. The two managers not receiving a bonus is a symptom. An important symptom is that 20 percent of the experienced staff left for other jobs over the next two months. Those employees that remained discouraged friends from considering jobs at Super Subs, and the vitiated atmosphere and the need for managers to spend time training and serving customers are important symptoms. Finally, the increase in wastage the moment the restaurant managers withdrew from daily operations is an ...

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