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    Decision Making Tools: Using the right analysis tool will compensate for inexperienced managers.

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    Subject: Operations Decision Making

    At the monthly meeting, one of your coworkers stated that "Using the right analysis tool will compensate for inexperienced managers." How would you reply to your coworker?

    Address the following:

    Do the tools help only in certain situations such as routine, daily, or rather mundane decisions, like cost controls, quality controls, or staffing questions (in terms of number of people needed)?

    Do tools help the finance or accounting arms of a company more so than operations managers?

    What happens if the data entered are wrong? Analytical tools suffer from the GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) weaknesses, and thus an analysis based on these numbers can be flawed.

    Can the software and tools replace experienced and seasoned managers? Do computers really think? Do they learn from their mistakes? Can they manipulate or change their environment?

    Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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    The statement of one of my co-worker, "Using the right analysis tool will compensate for inexperienced managers" entails a deep meaning and rationale for present organizations effectiveness. This statement depicts that if an organization makes use of right analysis tools it can counterbalance for its inexperienced managers. The idea behind this statement is this that selection of right analysis tool can compensate for a deficiency of managerial experience.

    The data analysis tools can easily respond to queries that new managers cannot. It is believed by researchers that data analysis tools do allow for a wealth of information concerning any aspect of business procedures. Unfortunately, on the other hand it is also said that data analysis tools cannot perform all the work by themselves and requires some individual. This in turn demands an experienced manager to not only interpret what variables should be examined, but to also look further than the investigation in a broad spectrum.

    Situation in which Data analysis Help Significantly

    Data analysis is a procedure of scrutinizing, cleaning, transmuting and modelling data with the aim of spotlighting valuable information, proposing determinations and affirming decision making. Data analysis tool assist this process of data analysis in a substantial manner (Chary, 2006). The multiple facets and approaches of data analysis can be easily considered with the help of data analysis tools. The Ceremonious understanding dictates that operational data analysis tools, only help in the management of mundane contingents or financial and accounting diligences (Herbert, 2009).

    The different type of data analysis tools can be assembled by an organization to assess a countless variables varying in intricacy from the average size of ball bearings to the number of engineering ...

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    Suggesting that using the right analysis tool will compensate for inexperienced managers requires rationale for the organization's present effectiveness. If the organization makes use of the right tools for data analysis and catching human error the organization may be able to compensate for less experienced managers. This solution also discusses software tools and experienced managers. This solution is approximately 1000 words with five references.