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quality improvement program

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Could someone help me with this? Please see the attached document. Here are the questions:

1. By analyzing the company's quality cost report, determine if Bergen, Inc's quality improvement program has been successful. List specific evidence to support your answer. Show percentage figures in two ways; first, as a percentage of total production cost; and second, as a percentage of total quality cost. Carry all computations to one decimal place.

2. Discuss why Tony Reese's current reaction to the quality improvement program is more favorable than his initial reaction.

3. Jerry Holman believed that the quality improvement program was essential and that Bergen, Inc., could no longer afford to ignore the importance of product quality. Discuss how Bergen, Inc., could measure the opportunity cost of not implementing the quality improvement program.

This is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Yes, not only has the cost of quality ......

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1) Yes, not only has the cost of quality fallen in absolute terms (from $964 to $591, about a 42% drop), but also as a percent of production cost (from 23% to 13% - found by dividing the cost of quality by the production ...

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