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    Business Venture

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    Consider the following scenario:

    A venture capitalist has expressed interest in potentially funding your new business venture and has asked for a presentation of your business plan. Write 6 paragraphs that will provide some guidelines that can be used for effectively presenting your plan to venture capitalists. Make sure to cover the following in your response:
    1. What type of venture capital company should you look for?
    2. What financial information should be included?
    3. How will you close the deal?
    4. What should your presentation include?
    5. What devices or tools would you use to ensure the audience becomes interested and invested?
    6. How will you follow-up?

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    In the first section, the type of venture capital company, the company is looking for has been analyzed. It also includes the financial information included in the presentation and also how the deal will be closed.

    Type of Venture Capital Company:

    Venture capital is a type of private equity capital provided by venture capitalist firms in the early stage of business and is provided to high potential and growth firms. Being a growth prospected company; the company is looking for the first stage financing. The company has spent its starting or seed capital and requires finance for beginning the financing activities at large scale. The company requires this financing for initiating the full capacity operations at large scale and thus require funds for this purpose (Camp, 2002).

    Financial Information Included:

    The financial information in the presentation will include the description of all the initial investment required by the venture capitalist in what duration. The presentation should also include the details of the investment of funds by the organization in different business functions and ...

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