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    Wal-Mart Case Study: Sweatshop or Scapegoat

    The three-part case study question: a. Is Wal-Mart guilty of running sweatshops or is the firm being victimized? b. With respect to global business in general, how can abusive human resource practices be prevented? c. Can companies that operate sweatshops be stopped? Should they be stopped?

    Alternative Work Arrangements

    With high gas prices, crowded highways, and concern for air quality, what do business leaders need to do to reduce employee's obligation to drive to work? If you had the authority, what types of work options would you offer employees? If so, would the options apply to all employees? What are the impacts and challenges upon tradi

    Cognitive Frames vs. Disruptive innovation

    Write a 270 words essay that list the main cognitive frames that companies can adopt when facing a disruptive innovation. Explain why are these cognitive frames contradictory in nature. Give examples.

    Dealing with Disruptive Innovation

    Prepare a short outline and explain the possible ways companies can deal effectively with a disruptive innovation. Response must include examples.

    Implicating Selected Target Audience Populations

    Now that you understand the implications of selecting a target audience, describe things that should be considered defining the new target population. What factors should be considered and the implications that align to these factors?

    Identifying Trends and Challenges for HRM

    I have identified three trends and challenges for HRM. Could you assist me develop team strategy to meet these? I have listed my trends and challenges for HRM that I am going to use. These are the three trends or challenges: - One challenge for HRM is keeping up with the social world. With more and more people going to

    Research Question Assessment

    Assess the following research questions for clarity of purpose, appropriateness of scope, and their ability to be researched: Is the city management form of government better than the mayor and council form of government? Is Kelsey keeping pace with US cities of similar size? Do Master of Public Administration programs equip

    Public Relations: Free Publicity & Propaganda & Bernays

    Can you please help me with these questions in this article and video. Below is the link for the article and the link for the YouTube video. a. Read the article entitled Free Publicity: Worth Its Weight in Gold - http://aboutpublicrelations.net/ucsimon1.htm and list at least three of the ideas presented by the author for o

    Project Task - Organizing a Company Offsite

    (I really need some help getting started on this. I will be using the information as a guide, so if an example could be given that would be wonderful.) You have been tasked with the project of organizing a company offsite 2-day training session in which people are brought in from different parts of the country. This entails e

    Variables that Affect a Accomplishments at a Bargaining Table

    What are five interdependent variables (and examples of each) that affect what is accomplished at the bargaining table? What is information that needs to be prepared by employers and unions prior to contract negotiations? What sources can employers and unions utilize to obtain this prolific amount of information? 200 words

    Recruitment Strategy - Costs and Benefits

    Discuss the costs and benefits (meeting or exceeding quotas, turnover rates of recruits, success of the recruits on the job, job acceptances via different sources, and estimates of quality of hires) of a recruitment strategy used by a particular organization that you are familiar with (either your own or some other setting). You

    Analysis of a Journal Article on Performance Management

    I need some help in analysing a journal article about the Attitudes of Malaysian Teachers (see attached) The questions are: 1. Evaluate the findings of the authors in regards to the attitudes of teachers of different ethnic origins in Malaysia towards an outcome-oriented performance appraisal. 2. Analyze the relationship b

    Employee Benefits and Wage Decision

    Please help in answering questions on human resources recruitment and retention practices: 1. Organizations offer employee benefits for several reasons. First, they want to be attractive to potential candidates. Second, to increase employee morale. - What makes up the Employee Value Proposition (EVP)? - Give an example o

    Generational Difference Discussion

    Employers are interested in recruiting a diverse workforce and one aspect of diversity is age. There are different general characteristics associated with baby boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials. In this discussion, consider how these generational differences might affect recruiting strategies. Respond to the following questi

    Productivity Improvements

    Productivity Improvements (1) What is your opinion on the question below? Besides making decisions about which piece of equipment to buy or which process to use, productivity is also analyzed in terms of Productivity Measure or ratio of Outputs/Inputs. For example, for the EBBD, one productivity measure that could be used

    Linkage in Performance Management Process

    My question is on the 'Disrupted Links in the Performance Management Process at Omega,Inc. The information on this situation is in Case 2-2, pages 55-56 of the attached article. 1. Consider each of the links of the performance management process as shown in Figure 2.1. 2. Discuss whether each of the links is present, and i

    Research Results: Reliability or Validity

    Would you rather have results that are reliable or valid? Explain why? Under what conditions would one be achieved without the other? Give examples to illustrate your points.

    Data Analysis for Public Policy and Management

    Consider studying the need for policy on the problem involving increase in automobile accidents among teenage drivers. Identify potential relationships between variables that may exist. Define potential assumptions and units of analysis that may impact the study.

    ERP Feedback and Control in an Organization's Strategy

    • Why is it important for an organization to identify the areas it wishes to measure before the implementation process begins? Provide an example of a company that had clear measurement guidelines in place before implementing its strategic plan. What would be the consequence if these clear measurement guidelines had not been d

    Healthcare Implementation Plan for Veteran Administration Issues

    I need some information on this issue: Administrators must continuously seek opportunities to increase the profitability of their practice or facility. What plan can be developed to integrate a current and emerging trend in health care in the Veteran's Administration organization. I need help with an executive summary an

    Strategies or Techniques for Advancing your Skills or Career

    We all have a bag of tricks when it comes to managing our careers. Share any strategies or techniques you have found that have advanced your career or your skills, or have simply come in handy when making your way through the world of work. Include a link to an outside resource that illustrates that strategy or technique.

    Power Corruption Cycle in Careers

    I need some help in answering questions on the 'Power Corruption Cycle'. Can you recall a personal situation in your career (or the career of a co-worker) when another employee asked you to do something that you perceived as unethical? 1. Please describe the incident and include the response to the individual that made the re

    Consider types of employee rewards and choose what you think is the best option. A good salary not below the industry level, attractive perquisites, self and family health benefits, inflation linked retirement plans, rewards that prove motivational impelling the employee to contribute to the growth of the organization in keeping with the goals set by it.

    In your mind what is a better reward for an employee: A) Salary B) Health BenifitsSolution: A) Salary: The objective of rewarding employees is to reward them fairly, equitably, and consistently in relation to the value of these employees to the organization. It exists in order to motivate employees to work towards a

    Research Designs

    The clearly written research question is important to planning a study because it provides the rationale for why the study is needed. Relevant to well formulated research questions, what do we need to know and why? What other considerations in formulating well-structured research questions should the researcher take into accou

    Unethical Operating Leverage

    The reduction of labor costs by incurring a greater amount of fixed costs through purchase of machinery in order to increase the organization's operating leverage is unethical and should be avoided. What do you think?