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Business Management

Pro's and Con's of Contracting

In 250 words please write What are some reasons for and against contracting out? Additionally, what are reasonable items to contract out?

Sociological Perspectives on Family issues

Discuss family and family issues within the major sociological perspectives. Review the situations described below. 1. The arranged marriage of a 16-year-old African girl to a 25-year-old Indian man. 2. A married homosexual male couple that moves from the Netherlands to Australia. 3. The merger of a family of two young gi

Analysis of a recent labor dispute

Analysis of a recent labor dispute as reported in an article from a recent issue of a newspaper or business periodical. Does the report favor management or labor? Does the ownership of the periodical used influence the scope, language, and conclusions reached? Short (about one page) reply to all above questions, that I can use

Racism and Discrimination

Choose a racial group for which to do your research. 1. In what ways does the group that you chose to research experience discrimination in the United States? 2. In what ways does the group that you chose to research experience discrimination in other countries? 3. What are the stereotypes associated with the group that yo

Collective Bargaining Negotiations

Could you assist me with examining the direction of union collective bargaining strategies. In this case, let's examine the position of unions in the public sector. If you were a union leader in government whether it is a city, county or state, what would you want your union to ask for in their collective bargaining negotiations

Competency Processes

I need help with this: I have the first part of the paper but can't seem to find good information to complete the 2nd part. I need to describe some of the effective processes for identifying and defining competencies (such as job modeling or job analysis techniques, which include observations, focus groups, surveys, etc...) I

Employee Needs & Motivation/ Intrinsic Motivation

I need help with these two questions with citations and references added. Employee needs are not hard to meet if the employer understands that each employee is an individual and a part of a group. Needs need to be met with each person's needs evaluated. The basic needs of employees like lunch, breaks, food, and water are easy

Diversification and Changes in Shareholder Value

Please respond to the following: Take a position as to whether or not your believe diversification increases shareholder value in a given company. Support your position. Given a company that is already diversified, suggest how senior management may determine the most effective strategy and how it should be evaluated.

Applying Deming's Steps

The transportation costs for the Pressed powder production are high, but so are the costs of building an entirely new manufacturing facility. A description of the processes is listed. The company does not know how to proceed but is beginning to embrace TQM thinking. To encourage this new direction, bring more information and ana

Virtual Distance Training

I wrote a paper and I totally approached it as a research paper instead of a proposal. I definitely need help with this one. I need to choose technologies and write around 700 words in an approach that it is a proposal to a boss as to why the technologies would be a good choice to use for virtual (distance) training since the bo

Building Functional Expertise, Operational Objectives and Talent Management

The two-part case study: 1. There are many ways to build functional expertise within an organization. Select one of the key roles in building functional expertise, and prepare a two-year plan to build functional expertise of a newly hired manager. 2. Analyze how operational objectives, their relationship to talent managem

Organizational Managers and Decision Making

Discuss the following statement. "It is important that organizational managers understand that bounded awareness can and will occur in decision making." In developing your discussion, cite a minimum of two sources.

Individual and Group Decision Making

When making business decisions there are issues that may call for either group or individual decision making. What are the times when each decision making approach is most effective? What are the general advantages and disadvantages of each approach?

Receiving and Delivering Feedback: how to give and receive feedback

Question: Detail three key tips that you would share with a new manager on how to most effectively provide feedback. Then, provide three tips you might share with a new subordinate on how to receive and deliver feedback. Provide a rationale for the selection of each tip.

Leading a Global Organization

As a senior executive in a 21st-century organization, evaluate how you would lead a global organization with employees from countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Analyze how you would implement systems thinking and critical thinking into organizational processes to improve problem-solving.

Manufacturing of an Electronics Company

Assume you have the role of top management at a major global electronics company that is developing a wireless device capable of on-demand music and video downloads from anywhere on the globe. What criteria should the company use to determine where to manufacture the device and whether or not to enter into a collaborative arrang

Business Research: Understanding Questions

What is the proper method for asking questions? What should be done if a question is misunderstood? What should be done if a respondent answers a question before it is encountered in the questionnaire? Support your answers. Why is it important to think of the research report from a communications perspective? Support your

Product Development and the Business Plan

Please help with the following problem. Which section or sections of a business plan submitted to venture capitalists are the strongest and which sections are traditionally the weakest? Identify and discuss at least two weak sections of traditional business plans.

Small Businesses' Legal Structures

For the business you chose, what form of ownership seems best? Why? Discuss the pros and cons of the alternative forms of ownership that lead to your decision. Does a corporation really mitigate legal risks to the operator of the business? If so, how are the risks mitigated? What risks remain?

Discussing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Please provide some assistance writing about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The questions I need to address are: - Give a history of the theory. - What needs as described by Maslow? - Why is that theory important for managers in today's workplace? - How can this theory be used to maintain a competitive edge? - Give an e

The Visual Presentation of a Work Report

In a 250-300 word response, describe a work report that you are required (or have been required) to complete on a regular basis. How would you present the information related to this report in a visual manner? Would a visual presentation enhance its effectiveness? Why or why not? Use at least one resource to support your key poi

Criteria for Recruiting a Manager

I am to consider the following scenario and based on the comments/expectations and "my" knowledge of management functions, I must draft a 2-3 page document. Can you help me?? Scenario: You are the recruiting manager for a new organization that is working on recruiting a manager for the services division. The vice presiden

Forecasting System Feedback

Forecasting as System Feedback (1) What is your opinion on the question below? Continue with analyzing feedback within your supply chain at EBBD. Forecasting is based on projecting historical information into the future to provide some type of goal or expectation for system performance. Forecasting can also be based on qua

Personal Needs & Values:Curiosity & Motivation

Please help with answering these two questions: 1. A life worth living is full of personal interests. Is it curiosity that separates intrinsic motivations from extrinsic ones? Here is an example of motivation spurred on by curiosity leading to capability. What are your observations? (

Characteristics of Adult Learners

Teachers and trainers of adults need to understand the characteristics and behaviors of learners in order to successfully conduct their courses. Identify and discuss some of the key characteristics of adult learners that make them different from children and how instructors should deal with them.

Healthcare Technology Advancements

Technology has certainly changed the way medical care is practiced. Identify the most significant clinical and information technological changes you have seen in the last five years. Summarize by discussing the idea that technology brings great benefits but also produces new ethical dilemmas for health care. Support by referenc

Case Study: AtlantiCorp Project

Tom Bray: Tom Bray was mulling over today's work schedule as he looked across the bay at the storm that was rolling in. It was the second official day of the Pegasus project and now the real work was about to begin. Pegasus was a two-month renovation project for AtlantiCorp, a major financial institution headquartered in Bost

Corporate governance and top management

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. Can somebody please describe in detail how corporate governance affects the decisions of top management and the board of directors?

A Change Management Plan

Question: You have just been hired to manage a new project that will involve not only the installation of a new company-wide computer system, but also the implementation of new processes. As project manager, you must create a project plan and a change management plan. Where do you begin? What should be your first task and why?