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    Public Relations and Niche Publicity

    PART A Locate a blog pertaining to public relations and marketing. Review the bloggers comments as well as those posted by others. Write a review of the blog and explain whether you think the blog is an effective publicity and/or public relations tool for the organization. PART B Read the article "Understanding Niche

    Hospital patient escorts - management approach

    Could you please read the story below and assist me with the following questions? Selecting Patient Escorts City Hospital is located in the heat of a large Midwestern city. It is one of five major hospitals in the areas and has recently built a small addition for treating well-known patients, such as professional football

    Public Relations: A Two-Way Street & Techniques-Responses

    Can you please help me with these questions in this article and video? Below is the link for the article and the link for the YouTube video. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Visit the website for the Museum of Public Relations and view the video entitled "Public Relations is a Two-Way Street". Here is the link - http:/

    Journal article analysis of performance management

    Journal article analysis Tapinos, E., Dyson, R. G., & Meadows, M. (2005) 'The impact of performance measurement in strategic planning', International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 54 (5), pp. 370-384. Request: 1. The number of words more than 600 (the more the better) 2. Bullet points and highlighted

    Americans with Disabilities Act and Aging Population

    1. What are some reasons why employees might resent workplace accommodations that are dictated by the Americans with Disabilities Act? 2. Since the population is aging because of declining birth rates, declining death rates, and the aging of the baby boom generation, what are some of the implications of this demographic trend

    Successful Team Processes

    Consider the processes that teams use to be successful. Name three of the processes. Do you think a team needs a leader in order to be effective and/or efficient? Why or why not?

    Manufacturing, Planning and Control

    Please help answer. Manufacturing, planning and control (MPC) environment is defined by customer order decoupling point. Define each environment and give an example of each. -Make-to-Stock (MTS) environment -Assemble-to-Stock (ATO) environment -Make-to-Order (MTO) environment Please provide references and must be

    Paraphrasing Assistance

    Please note, this article below is not an essay. Just ask to paraphrase (restate it in another form or other words). Please help me paraphrase this article below... Do what you think is best... The case study of Robin Hood and the merry men will show many problems faced by their organization. We, as advisors will present the

    Efficiency and Value of Processes

    For this assignment you will be required to assess the performance of two processes and evaluate their efficiency and value. A government office processes two types of applications, Basic and Special, for an agency responsible for awarding funds for projects. Separate departments within the office process the two types of ap

    Management Strategy

    You are the CEO of a low tech, high volume, and low margin industrial cleaning supplies (chemicals) business. You currently design your own products in house but employ third party manufacturing. You also utilize third party logistics to warehouse and distribute your products. You have numerous but small competitors. Many manufa

    Authority Relationships and Familiarity

    Communication is fundamental to any successful organization. It is also important to ask for suggestions and actually listen to what others say. You must find a happy medium between authority relationships and familiarity. Are all out communication positive between leaders and followers?

    Case Study of Performance Management

    This is a discussion of question. Question: Review Case Study 3-1 'Evaluating Vision and Mission Statements at Pepsico' on pages 82-83 of the text. 1. Evaluate the mission and vision statements of Pepsico against the theoretical purpose of such statements. 2. How effective are they in linking strategy with individual perf

    Cooper's Model: Nepotism

    In the event of nepotism, I need help with how to react using the Cooper's model of decision making. Thanks

    Resumes: How Employers Can Safeguard Against Inaccuracies

    The case scenario and questions: Résumé inaccuracies are the bane of HR employment specialists. While the results of surveys on résumé fraud vary widely, a conservative estimate is that about 20% of résumés contain some inaccurate data or critical omission. In this discussion, consider how employers can best protect thems

    Criticism to the Arbitration Process

    Explain why costs and time lags subsequently render much criticism to the arbitration process. List solutions and the ways to improve these situations.

    Importance of Interpersonal Skills

    Rank out the following Interpersonal Skills as most important to least important and explain in detail why your number one (1) is number one. Encouraging: Fostering team solidarity Harmonizing: Mediating conflicts Compromising: Shifting one's own position on an issue Gatekeeping: Encouraging all team members to participat

    Case Study: Productivity and quality problems

    Case Name: The Contradiction of Business Summary: Lucy Winters managed a branch bank office. The office was located in a good location and had many customers. However, the bank itself had been under severe pressure to improve profits. As a result, the staff in Lucy's office had been reduced by a third. Now there seemed to

    Project Manager: Monitoring & Controlling Projects

    The solution addresses the following questions: A . What would be some of the ramifications if the Project Manager did not monitor and control the project? B. What are some of the tools a Project Manager could use to monitor and control a project? If you could only use one tool which would you choose and why?

    Origins of Communicable Diseases

    Explore the origin of a communicable disease that became a pandemic episode. Describe different measures that were taken to contain or eradicate the disease and assess the role that was played by issues pertaining to water, sanitation, nutrition, and environmental conditions.