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    Damage control of a crisis in the media

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    Identify a crisis event that is being discussed in the media. It can relate to an individual (ex. Tiger Woods) or an organization (Toyota). Analyze the organization's or individual's vulnerability and outline specific steps that have been taken to handle the crisis. What other suggestions do you have for handling the situation? It is not necessary to "take a stand or position" on the issue---just deal with it as you would if you were assigned as the PR firm.

    Your paper should include the following:
    An introduction and conclusion summarizing your main points
    References and citations for any sources used (websites, newspapers, etc.). Please include a reference page.
    4 pages of text (not including title page or reference page)

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    "I'm Johnny Manziel"
    Johnny Manziel, also known as Johnny Football, is an individual whose reputation is suffering under the weight of controversy and crisis. A little over a year ago, few people outside of Texas recognized the football phenom's name, but now he has been called the most "polarizing figure in all of sports- college or professional" (Conway, 2013). Last year, Manziel won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman, becoming "the most famous face in college football, the perfect kid with the perfect game and the perfect nickname" (Conway, 2013). Unfortunately, great fame brings more attention across the nation, and more criticism of this young star's actions. And there are several issues surrounding the not-so-typical 20 year old, with issues that may have been ignored if he did not have super athletic talent. Johnny Manziel's past began to surface, including an arrest, and most serious, allegations of NCAA violations involved with getting paid for autographs. In addition, the Texas A & M student does not attend traditional classes, preferring online, while living and practicing football. He has been pictured in controversial partying pictures, with firecrackers and champagne, although he is not yet 21 years of age. While he is only a college sophomore this year, he must reassess his current public relation situation in order to maximize his opportunity to be drafted in a higher position. While professional football teams draft players based upon talent, players' reputations are considered part of the process. Currently professional teams may worry that Johnny Manziel's actions and reputation may be too much of a distraction for himself and his ...

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    This solution identifies crisis in the media and proves a paper discussing the individual or organization's vulnerability, specific steps taken to handle crisis, and other suggestions for handling situation. Includes four pages of text and APA formatted references.