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Business Management

Just in Time/MPC

Looking for some help with this question. "Surge" capacity is the ability to take on an extra number of customers or product requests. Tell how the three different facilities handle surges. For example: a football stadium, a clothing store, and an accounting firm.

Efficiency of Logistics

How will transportation management systems improve the efficiency of logistics? Field, A. M., (2006). One platform, many uses. Journal of Commerce, New York August 21.

Workforce Development - Recruiting and Training Strategies

The original student posting: Workforce management and workforce development plays a big part in a company. How does recruiting and on-the-job training impact workforce management and development strategy? What are the possible consequences of a company not using these strategies? How can these strategies be measured?

Friday Night Life

Please watch the video clip below and assist me with the following questions. Good Works' Community Suppers - Athens, Ohio: Go to http://good-works.net/ On left side of page see "Community Development" column Click on "Friday Night Life" The video clip loads automatically How does the "Friday Night

Best Types of Research for Consumer Complaints in Retail

What is the best type of research to use when dealing with human attitudes and emotions and how do you measure and analyze the results? For example, if I am running a retail store and I am receiving customer complaints that several of my employees are treating customers rudely, what would be the best type of research to use to

Mission statement formulation

How do companies formulate their mission statement? Why is the mission statement important in guiding an organization's strategic direction?

Master Production Schedule Stability

Please help with this question. In Master Production Schedule Stability time fencing is shown as an extension of the freeze concept. In the manufacture of bicycles, describe this concept. Please provide references.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment- Result Analysis

Use the following link to take your Emotional Intelligence assessment and once you have taken your assessment what do you know more about yourself and how you could or will engage in work related team activities. http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/ei_quiz Four to five paragraphs would be needed for this response if possible.

Teamwork and Team Dynamics

The original case study: Understanding how teams work is extremely important from the point of view of team dynamics, but when a team member has a life changing event how should a team respond? Should the team keep it's focus on the team task / goal or should the team re-evaluate the team task / goal based on the change in team

Treating Employees as the Most Value Resource

Question: Most companies do profess that people are their greatest assets. But how many companies do you really think follow this is letter and spirit? I would rather not trust what a company website says about it....but the question then arises as to what is the best measure of knowing that a company is really serious about tr

Performance Managment Plan

Phone Conversation with Bradley Stonefield Traci: Hi, this is Traci. Bradley: Hey, Traci, this is Bradley Stonefield returning your call. Traci: Hey, Bradley, did you get the recommendations for the pay and benefits strategies I sent over? Bradley: Yes, I got them and I'm still looking them over, but they look really good

International Management Questions

The appropriability of technology deals with: • technology that has been illegally appropriated by a foreign government • how appropriate the technology is for generating long-term profit • how easily the technology can be learned and used by the host nation employees • the ability of the firm to profit from its te

Chase-production and level production

Needing a little assistance with this question. In production strategies, describe chase-production, level production and mixed-combination. Give an example of each in logistics field. Please provide references.

Accommodating employees with disabilities

Please assist me with these two questions with examples. 1.What are some challenges that employees have who are disabled on a day to day basis? 2.What are some special accommodations if any do employees with disabilities have within the workplace setting?

Conducting a needs analysis for course content

Sample Question: If you were designing a training program for administrative assistants at a college, how would you conduct the needs analysis to determine the course content? This is related to Human Resources Management.

Why a Needs Analysis is Important for Creating Relevant Training

Sample Question: Line managers often perceive training as having a low ROI, (Return on Investment). I agree with them in many instances. I would argue that their perception relates to trainer's conducting inadequate needs analyses. Let's discuss why a comprehensive needs analysis that aligns with the competency model is impor

Please Help

Please answer and discuss the questions below. 1. What are the various ways that a movie studio can get us to pay money to consume their product (a movie)? 2. One of those ways is to let us rent the movie. What are the various different methods or ways we can RENT a movie? (the case describes at least 4) 3. The way we

Identifying High Potential in Employees

The original student posting: We have read about the value of segmenting the workforce to ensure that investments are made where the greatest return can be realized. This does not mean that all employees are not important - they are. But you can see where the differences in investments between those working in pivotal positio

Career Development: Inspiring Employees

The case scenario: Motivated employees want to be able to see a path for their career with the organization. Providing a picture of the possibilities to employees can be an effective way to support employees' interest in remaining with the organization. One way to accomplish this is to provide a clear mapping of the competencie

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations

Clapton Commercial Construction has an annual net revenue of $10,000000, but are expecting a -3% revenue growth the first year after expansion. They plan to increase their current workforce of 650 by 20% with the expansion. Their annual turnover rate is 20% and are expected to stay the year after that. The strategies considered

Public Relations and Niche Publicity

PART A Locate a blog pertaining to public relations and marketing. Review the bloggers comments as well as those posted by others. Write a review of the blog and explain whether you think the blog is an effective publicity and/or public relations tool for the organization. PART B Read the article "Understanding Niche

Hospital patient escorts - management approach

Could you please read the story below and assist me with the following questions? Selecting Patient Escorts City Hospital is located in the heat of a large Midwestern city. It is one of five major hospitals in the areas and has recently built a small addition for treating well-known patients, such as professional football

Public Relations: A Two-Way Street & Techniques-Responses

Can you please help me with these questions in this article and video? Below is the link for the article and the link for the YouTube video. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Visit the website for the Museum of Public Relations and view the video entitled "Public Relations is a Two-Way Street". Here is the link - http:/

Journal article analysis of performance management

Journal article analysis Tapinos, E., Dyson, R. G., & Meadows, M. (2005) 'The impact of performance measurement in strategic planning', International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 54 (5), pp. 370-384. Request: 1. The number of words more than 600 (the more the better) 2. Bullet points and highlighted

Americans with Disabilities Act and Aging Population

1. What are some reasons why employees might resent workplace accommodations that are dictated by the Americans with Disabilities Act? 2. Since the population is aging because of declining birth rates, declining death rates, and the aging of the baby boom generation, what are some of the implications of this demographic trend