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    Medicaid and Medicare: Effectiveness

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    Please describe efficiency, effectiveness, and equity (the 3 Es), in relationship to health care. Medicare and Medicaid, which might be assessed by these terms. Evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness, and equity of Medicare or Medicaid. Make recommendations for any improvements in the program you've chosen to evaluate in light of the 3 Es.

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    Step 1
    We assess Medicaid. Medicaid gives health coverage for low income people, families and children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Effectiveness means Medicaid is adequate to accomplish its purpose, and gives its expected results. Efficient means Medicaid performs in the best possible manner with least waste of time and effort. Equity means Medicaid is fair and just to everyone it is intended for.

    Step 2
    Medicaid is not effective because there are limitations relating to the types of treatments covered by Medicaid. The program does not cover procedures that the program considers unnecessary or experimental, causing problems for the physician and affecting the health of the patient. Refusal of coverage of expenses for a procedure leaves the patient/and his doctor without choice. ...

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