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Business Management

Research About Effective Internal Communication Techniques

You will practice effective internal communication. Research about effective internal communication techniques to different audience groups, and in particular to new recruits. Scenario. You have been given the task of effectively communicating the organization's mission, vision, and values to the new employees in your org

South West Airlines Case Analysis

READ THE FOLLOWING TWO ARTICLES AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS REGARDIND SOUTHWEST. Impacts of Value Added, outline the goals and indicators for measuring development progress for a nation in which your selected corporation does business. Which ones are most important? How do they relate to the business of SOUTHWEST? Is the

Consumer Behavior: Case Study

Case Study SLUMDOG: FAD OR FASHION? "And the Oscar goes to . . .Slumdog Millionaire." This line was delivered eight times in Hollywood at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. Not bad for a film produced on a mere shoestring by Hollywood standards (budget of $15 million). It is the story of a young man from the slums of Mumbai w

Business Mgmt/ Human Resources

Please provide a 5 paragraph analysis of the following practice case study so I can compare to my notes...I need HR theories and evidence that support those theories

Union & management issues are discussed including production standards, right to strike, arbitration, OSHA Act, common grounds for discharge, procedural requirements in many collective bargaining agreements, and jobs cut due to automation.

1. State how production standards place managements and unions at odds against each other. Why do some unions prefer the right to strike in this matter while others prefer arbitration? 2. Explain how the enactment of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in 1970 succeeded in alienating both unions and managements. Wha

Case Brief

Hello, can you please help me get going on this one? I really do not understand these case briefs at all. Thank you. For this assignment, you are to read the Shell v. R.W. Sturge Ltd. case and do the following: Prepare a case brief. Refer to the "" Web page when preparing your case brief

Affordable Health Care Act

The Supreme Court recently upheld most of the affordable health care act. Each state will set up a health care exchange for small businesses or use one set up by the federal government. Find and summarize one article that discusses health care exchanges for small businesses. Thanks in advance for your help!!

Exploring Research- Writing a Research Proposal by Salkind

Research and review on five articles related to "State Testing and Impact on Children" in accordance with the following instructions: • Using the criteria for "Judging a Research Study" and evaluate at least five or more research articles. Criteria for Judging a Research Study: Review of Previous Research: 1. How closely i

Influence of Mass Media

I have a two part question. Can you help analyze the influence the mass media on the outcomes of public issues. Can you provide an example to illustrate please and two strategies you believe are the most effective and why. (reference)

BP Oil Management Structure

Describe how the BP Oil was managed in the past. Compare the difference between management approaches in the past to those the BP Oil currently uses. Ensure you identify relevant management theory both for past practices and current approaches. Describe how BP Oil is structured. Include a copy of the organizational chart.

Delivery of Service- Using a Work Team

Your health care organization has called upon you to lead a work team to identify service-quality problems within the environment. Answer the following questions about work teams: What are the benefits of a strong work team? What are the common problems that a work team can face when working together? When is it appropr

Health insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers the cost of an insured individual's medical and surgical expenses. Depending on the type of health insurance coverage, either the insured pays cost out-of-pocket and is then reimbursed, or the insurer makes payments directly to the provider. Here, you will be able to r

Salary Requirements

Hello, I currently work for a non-profit in Michigan, Michigan United Conservation Clubs. I have worked for them for about a year and a half. I am the executive assistant and event planner for MUCC. I LOVE my job but recently one of MUCC's employees applied for a job at Public Sector Consultants, PSC, also in Michigan and got

Hiring Plan: evaluating issues of a hiring and variable pay plan.

Staffing Organizations Heneman III, Herbert G., Judge, Timothy A., and Kammeyer-Mueller, John D., (2012). Staffing Organizations, Seventh Edition. Middleton, WI. Mendota House Inc., in collaboration with McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Evaluating a Hiring and Variable Pay Plan. Effective Management Solutions (EMS) is a small

Case Study: India's Film Production Industry

Summarize the key facts of the case. 1. Using the Internet, research "Bollywood," India's film production industry. What are the key characteristics of Bollywood? 2. Does Slumdog's success reflect the Americanization of India or the reverse? Explain. Is the success of Slumdog a fad or a fashion? Explain why? 3. Assume that y

Collective Bargains and Arbitrators: ethical considerations, past practice, fairness, and other traits and responsibilities. Differences between the FMCS and the AAA. Reasons an arbitrator's decision may not be the final and binding. Traditional and new emerging issues for arbitrators. APA formatted references are included.

1. What are the various facets of the job of an arbitrator? Cite examples of ethical considerations, past practice, fairness, and other traits and responsibilities. 2. What are the differences between the FMCS and the AAA in their methods of selection of arbitrators? What are the advantages of employers and unions contracting

Corporate Governance in the U.S.

One of the most significant debates about corporate governance centers on whether the organization owes a greater responsibility to the shareholder who has invested in the company or to the stakeholders and those who can most be affected by its actions - namely the employees, suppliers, creditors, and customers. QUESTIONS:

Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Can you please help me with these questions? I am having difficulty with this distribution. Each response must be one decent paragraph. Name of the textbook enclosed. Thanks in advance for your help. DISTRIBUTIONS & SUPPLY DISCUSSIONS 1. In your opinion, what is Supply Chain Management? Please, if possible, do so BEFORE co

Talent Development

Describe three effective ways to develop talent within your current or former organization as an administrator and how they would support the organization's goals. List each organizational goal and whose responsibility it might be to develop the talent associated with that goal.

Form letter to unsuccessful job candidates

The dean's selection committee screened 85 applications for the position of dean of arts and sciences at your campus. After two rounds of eliminations, the top five candidates were invited to "airport interviews," in which the committee managed to meet with each candidate for an hour. Then the top three candidates were invited t

Management, Expansion and Divestment

What problems do you think GE's most senior executives encounter in trying to stay on top of all the businesses GE is in, and how do you think they decide the merits of expanding or divesting in a business like this?

Provide a demonstration of your understanding of the nature of the three major research methods by describing and comparing the foundations of quantitative and qualitative research for each of the following elements.

Demonstrate your understanding of the nature of the three major research methods by describing and comparing the foundations of quantitative and qualitative research for each of the following elements. - Nature of research: scientific and philosophical underpinnings - Approach to inquiry: induction versus deduction - Belie

Motivation at Different Stages of Life

America has an aging population. Many people continue to work past the conventional "retirement age." Does motivation change at different stages of life? Are different needs stronger at different stages of life? If organizations want to benefit from the skills and experience of older people, what can they do to motivate them?

Employee Development Activities

Could you assist me with analyzing Employee Development Activities and explain why it would enhance the Human Resource Management? I need assistance with about 300 words. Here is a little abstract about employee development activities from text book. EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES Jobs today are requiring employees to ass