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Business Management

Cuba: Capitalism vs. Socialism

****NOTE: THESE QUESTIONS PERTAIN TO COLLEGE GRADUATE LEVEL ECONOMICS. Please click the following link. Once you have reviewed the content, please answer these questions: Why is a struggle underway in Cuba between social equality and the free market? Why

Legal statutes affecting the hiring of employees

Case Study Scenario: As the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), one of your primary roles is to be the workforce strategist. Your organization is planning to expand business operations to your neighbouring state by opening an office. As a result of this expansion, your organization needs to make sure that the best and bright

Analyzing Risk Within a Healthcare Organization

In analyzing risks, thought must be given to patients, clinical staff, medical staff, employees, property, equipment, and the financial status of the organization. Analyze each of these seven key elements. Your analysis should include how each is applied in a risk management program and why each is important when developing a ri

Overall operations management of a plant

You recently have been hired by a manufacturing company (ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc.) to develop the business framework and strategic plan for a new plant operation. The plant will open in six months within a Midwestern U.S. community. Your job is to develop the required tools, plans, policies, practices, and strategic operating

Performance and talent management (appraisal methods)

Hello In the organization you work for, there are customer service representatives. In addition to having their supervisor appraise their performance, who else should be involved? Why? Review page 190-191. What performance appraisal method would you recommend and why?

Integrative medicine in geographical areas

Conduct a cursory search of Integrative Medicine (IM) in your geographical area and choose one type to provide a brief summary. Discuss the type of services provided by the IM. Describe any certification, accreditation, or licensure that exists for this type of practice in your state and at the national level.

Sustainability Within the Manufacturing Industry (Food Services

You should choose three of the industries identified and at least one of the transportation modes from your EESC. Then research these industries and transportation modes to discover issues with the environment. You can focus on specific companies as well as the general industries. Discuss these issues and what is being done

Borrowing funds to meet customer requirements and debt

Your assigned project is projected at an estimated order of magnitude to cost $20 million over the course of 5 years. Your organization intends to borrow the entire cost up front to meet customer requirements and pay the debt off over the 5-year life of the project at an interest rate of 10% compounded annually. Including the pr

Action research and reengineering

Outline and explain the main steps in action research. As part of your response, explain why restructuring is sometimes necessary for reengineering to take place. Give an example. Response must be 75 words.

Purposes of Performance Management

Define the three broad purposes for performance management, and provide an example of a situation that relates to each purpose. Use at least 75 words in length. All sources used, including any textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.

The Balanced Sheet Scorecard

The Balanced Sheet Scorecard Can you think of any organizations that do not have relevant "customers" to take into consideration? How would this type of company differ from an organization where the Balanced Sheet Scorecard operates equally? Business Process Perspective What is an example of a business process where the in

Devising a Separation Policy for Termination of Employment

Employee Separation Policies and Procedures The ability to manage employee departures is critical for several reasons. First, a poorly handled and emotionally charged employee departure can create a legal situation. Second, a poorly handled employee departure can create serious morale issues pertaining to the employees left b

Discussion of processes for integrating new employees

An employee in the position (financial advisor) you selected for SLP 1 has been working for 1-1/2 years in her position. As the HR Manager you wonder what training and development needs exist for this employee as well as for others in her same job title in your organization. Discuss what processes you would implement to make

Companies that use four modes of transportation

Identify in the EESC where each of the four modes of transportation are used: rail, inland water, ocean, and OTR. You can use topic headings for each mode. Identify the materials being transported from which industry to which industry. Discuss why this mode is being used and what the costs are on a per ton-mile basis. Backgro

Leaders as agents of social change

Can you provide an analysis of the role of leaders and managers as agents of social change. Also, in your analysis can you provide an example of a public leader whose efforts led to social change please? (reference) Thanks!

Privatization of Business

Need help on the conflict of privatization of business with this sample: Introduction Power, communication and conflict Trust development Multicultural conflict resolution.

Providing Meaningful Work, Consent for Drug Testing

1. In your view, do employers have an obligation to provide employees with meaningful work? Should society take steps to promote meaningful work? Explain and a reference/citation. 2. How voluntary do you think employee consent to drug testing really is? Is the voluntariness of consent an important moral issue? Conclude by add

Talent Management Research Priorities and Research Priorities and Resources

HRM 532 "Talent Management" Week 9 Discussion 1: "Talent Management Research Priorities" 1. Considering the vast number of diverse groups represented in the workforce, create a brief research agenda that addresses how talent management strategy can proactively attract a diverse workforce. (Please add references if possible).

The Integrated Model of Motivation

•Analyze the four elements of the integrated model of motivation to determine which element is the most essential to get right when motivating employees. Explain your rationale. •Assess your current environment at work (or school) and recommend steps you believe would best motivate workers (or students.) Provide specific