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Personality Bias, Positive Work Relationships and Rewards

The three human resource questions addressed by this solution are:

1. How do you avoid personality bias in the work place?
2. How do you create positive work relationships with those that you may have issues with?
3. What employee reward system do you like? Why?

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1. Personality bias is often human nature; individuals respond in a like manner to those they view as "similar to me" within the workplace. For an outgoing and friendly employee, it would not be uncommon to engage in conversations with others who exhibit the same behavior. It is likely people have biases which influence their personal interactions, but are completely unaware of this dynamic (reference). With the outgoing type, they may not interact much with those whom are introverted. Additionally, for workers who are strict "rule followers" - they likely will not associate with those who believe all rules are meant to be flexible. To avoid personality bias in the workplace, one approach would be to treat ...

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This solution is over 500 words and includes a reference, thoroughly addressing three different human resource topics: personality bias, strategies to create positive work relationships and reward systems.