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    Personality traits in relation to successful life

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    Explain the significance of compassionate and motivated personality traits.
    How do major personality theorists explain an individuals success with these personality traits?

    Include two references.

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    Significance of Compassionate personality trait:
    Compassion is one of the basic principles taught by almost all of the world's major religions. It is a fantastic personality trait, which is to be nurtured by all human beings in general. It is a way of life where in all people are treated with love and respect. An individual with "Compassionate Personality" will treat others in the same way in which he wishes to be treated by others. Compassion enables us to maintain a healthy relationship with family, friends and other people in general in the society. Thus, a person with compassionate personality is an asset to the society in terms of positive psycho-social outcomes and good inter-personal relationships. Compassionate personality trait will help an individual to get better adjusted to people in the society, and thus contribute to better mental health regarding both self and others. Such an individual will be able to develop and maintain healthy relationships with one and all. It is truly a valuable personality trait. People with this personality trait will have great empathy for others [Lovecky, 1994]. It enables an individual to feel along with others, and help them understand themselves in the process. This trait brings about a strong sense of fairness, and clear moral convictions [Gross, 1993; Hollingworth, 1942;Silverman & Ellsworth, 1980; Terman, 1925].It enables an individual to get outraged by injustice [Rogers, 1986; Silverman & Ellsworth, 1980], and leads him/her to work for a better society. It helps individuals to value integrity and honesty to a great extent. It finally leads to the highest level of motivation, namely
    self-actualization. Thus, compassion is a personality trait which is worthy to be nurtured by most people in the society, as it leads to betterment of society in which we live.

    Significance of Motivated personality trait:
    Motivation is an equally important personality trait, which energizes an individual to pursue a particular task even when faced with continuous failures. It enables an individual to pursue and concentrate on a set task for a long period of time until he/she succeeds in it. for instance, ...

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    The solution deals with the significance of compassionate and motivated personality traits among individuals.It also explains the view point of major personality theorists, as to how these two traits lead individuals to succeed in life.