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How personality, values, and attitudes contribute to an employee's satisfaction

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Explain how you perceive personality, values, and attitudes contribute to an employee's satisfaction.

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This solution is a description of how personality, values, and attitudes contribute to an employee's satisfaction.

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Personality: Personality really determines how one interacts with the world including in the workplace. Someone with an outgoing, upbeat personality is likely well liked at work. They probably have a lot of good relationships with coworkers which definitely increases work satisfaction. If they feel like they have friends and/or people they like to interact with or feel they can rely on at work, they will like their job a lot more than someone who does not have positive relationships at work. These people like coming to work. If someone is generally reserved and quiet they are likely to have fewer relationships, may not be well understood by their coworkers and lack the bonds that others have. This will make them more displeased with their work environment as their human needs for interaction aren't being met. They may feel excluded, ostricized, or not well liked which may make coming to work a negative experience for them. They may feel like an outsider and no one enjoys that feeling so this would definitely minimize work satisfaction. Also, it's important that a person picks a job that fits their ...

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