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Plan to Increase Team Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance

Prepare a plan that may be applied in a business setting and would increase your team's motivation, satisfaction, and performance.

Address specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values in your collaboration, and how each difference influences behavior. How may those differences be effectively implemented in the plan to positively influence the team?

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In this paper, we will discuss and create a plan that will influence the organization positively during a hectic work schedule. The plan will help the employees by motivating, satisfying and increasing their performance at the workplace. We will also distinguish the differences in attitudes, values and personality and how they affect the behavior of an individual.

The plan in a business setting would include the various means and approaches by a leader in motivating his team. A team needs motivation from the team leader in any of the circumstances like when the performance is not up to the mark, to continually vouch for the best or either when a stated task needs to be accomplished (Grote, 2006). Understanding the objectives of the task which has to be accomplished is a very important element. The team members need to realize the purpose of the task or the project and how the project can benefit them as well as the organization. This will motivate the team as a whole. The degree to which a person identifies with his job and actively participates in accomplishing the stated task, which increases his self worth in the organization, is an attitude that team members should display. This will definitely help the individuals to link their attitudes to their motivational levels and to their job performance.

To create momentum in the team, an efficient leader is required. The leader would help the employees identify and realize that they have a common and a shared purpose in the successful completion of the project. The leader should present the project as a challenge, which is appropriate enough to create enthusiasm and thrust among the team members. The job designing by the team leader should be such that incorporates a sense of responsibility within the team members. The team then would identify a sense of ownership in the project and this would certainly enhance their motivational levels thereby, inducing functionality in the team. Communication is the key for an ...

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