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Business Management

Naval Operating Base: answers to Case Study questions.

Read the case study Naval Operating Base, Arkladelphia,, in which you are given a scenario regarding difficulties faced by a negotiator in a "sole source" situation. Read through the case study and answer the three questions at

Buyer and Seller Negotiation: Debriefing Meeting

There is 3-step process when a buyer and a seller negotiate (preparation, face-to-face discussion, and debriefing). Have you ever made a major purchase and had a debriefing following the transaction? If so, what occurred in that meeting?

Lean Materials Management

Materials management is the process in which materials are converted into final goods. There is an important relationship between material requirements planning, capacity planning, and inventory management. Analyze these relationships and provide examples from professional experience and/or text examples to support your views.

Discussing Global Business Management

International Trade: Make a case for and against an establishment of a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) between the U.S. and Canada. What are possible effects of such an agreement on North American businesses, North American consumers, and other nations? Are there any impediments to integration between the U.S. and Canada?

Foundations of Mythology

1. What are four movies or TV shows that are mythological in nature, and how are they about mythology? 2. How are myths used in marketing? What is an example of how a myth is used in advertising/marketing?

Detecting Unethical Practices at Supplier Faculty

Please respond to the following: - Assess the value of having a Supplier Code of Conduct when outsourcing operational functions to international markets and the enforceability of such a code. - Evaluate whether or not you believe a U.S.-based company outsourcing jobs to foreign markets is ethical. Support your position. - A

Exploring Innovation in Action: Power to the People - Lifeline Energy

How could you reconcile the social agenda - make radios freely available - with the commercial challenges of running a business? What problems do you think Freeplay/Lifeline Energy face in trying to sustain the business? ----- CASE STUDY 2 Exploring Innovation in Action: Power to the People - Lifeline Energy Trevor Bay

Gun Control Essay

I need some assistance formulating ideas on how to write an essay focusing on solving Racism. It can't be approached as a report, as it is an essay. These four questions below must be included: 1. What is the problem? (Racism) 2. What makes Racism a social problem? 3. What causes Racism? 4. What can be done about Rac

Sweatshops: Moral Interest of Workers

Many employees in sweatshops, and even families whose children work in these shops, having come from even more object poverty and view their employment as a means to a better life. Make the case for why this sort of employment is in the best moral interest of the workers. Having done that, do you agree or disagree with the posit

Discuss: Listening Skills

In a 250-300 word response, answer the following question: Do you believe most people are poor listeners or good listeners? What can organizations do to improve the listening skills of their employees? How can you improve your personal listening skills? Use at least one resource to support your key points.

Intercultural Business Current Events

Using a contemporary or current event, locate an Intercultural business situation context, and post the article, video clip, YouTube, picture, or news link. Identify the five components of social episodes expressed in your current event. Discuss the relationship to the business context expressed. Why was this interesting or

Effective Observation and Listening

Observe two people having a face-to-face conversation that lasts about 2 minutes. I: Where is the conversation taking place? Who are the communicators? What examples of the listening process—attending, interpreting, responding, remembering—do you see? Are any steps in the process missing? Why? What obstacles to effective lis

Managing Older Employees

Does society need to rethink the traditional notion of retirement, and if so, what strategies can managers implement in an effort to manage effectively their older employees? Lastly, can employing older workers provide a competitive advantage?

Japan - Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages Case Brief

Hello, can you please help me get going on this one? Thank you. Read the Japan - Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages case. Prepare a case brief. For case brief references follow: Case info can be found at:

Types of Research - 5 Question Quiz

A) __________ is a measure of how much risk to take when reaching a conclusion. 1. Statistics 2. Generalizability 3. Sample 4. Significance B) Which of the following is another term for basic research? 1. Applied research 2. Baseline research 3. Real research 4. Pure research C) Which of the followin

Business Management: The Appraisal Process

Briefly describe the appraisal process and how it should work. 2. Do you agree with the observation that managers are tempted to just get the appraisal process over with and possibly take care of the appraisal through e-mail? 3. What are some major factors that distort performance appraisals? 4. Leary-Joyce states that p

Interviews: Positive Factors, Undermining Factors

1. What are some factors that can make for a good/effective interview? 2. What are some factors that can undermine the usefulness of an interview? How can these be overcome? 3. Add 3 sentences (and only 3 sentences) to share your experience of a good (or bad) interview that you had and why it was good (or bad).

Environmental Management Program

1.There are five elements of a comprehensive environmental management system: waste minimization and prevention, demand-side management, design for environment, product stewardship, and full-cost accounting. Part 1: Name two companies that have incorporated all five elements into their environmental management programs. Descr

Discussing Emotions, Escalation and Fairness

Objective: The objective of this discussion is to - Explain the roles of emotion and fairness in decision making. - Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations. - Recognize situations that present potential legal and ethical issues and develop solutions for those issues.

Case Study: Leaderships and Goals

Read the case study and answer the following three questions. Case Study: Ken Osborne stared out the window, wondering what he could do to get things back on track. When he became head of the finance department of a state government agency, Osborne inherited a group of highly trained professionals who pursued their jobs w

Space Systems Technologies Case Analysis

Your company, Space Systems Technologies (SST), has the mission of assembling commercial and military launch vehicles. SST does no fabrication, it simply provides customers specialized assembly expertise, brings the prefabricated parts of the expendable launch vehicle together, and though an assembly process delivers a completed

D. L. Woodside, Sunshine Snacks: answers to case study questions

Chapter 2 Case Study: "D. L. Woodside, Sunshine Snacks" (p. 60 of the textbook) Read the case study and answer the following three questions. 1. What traits does Woodside possess that might be helpful to him as he assumes his new position? What traits might be detrimental? 2. Would you consider Woodside a people-oriented o

Six Categories of Cost

List and describe the six categories of cost. Additionally, discuss which ones are used in making an incremental cost analysis and why. Choose a product and discuss it in terms of these six categories of costs.

Total Cost of Ownership

David Burt, et. al. (2010) described different components of total cost of ownership. Discuss three of these components as they relate to a product or organization of your choosing. Describe why you think that these components are relevant to that product or organization.

Minimum of Health Care

A mother brings her daughter to the emergency room every time she has an asthma attack. Her parents are part of the working middle class; however, they cannot afford health insurance and their income exceeds the minimum for the State's Children Health Insurance Program or federal assistance. The child is treated for her asthma a

Smitheford Pharmaceuticals Case

Smitheford Pharmaceuticals was founded by a former officer in the Civil War, General Robert Smitheford, in 1878. He moved his family to Colorado Springs to aid in his wife's tuberculosis condition. At the time, it was believed that the sunshine and high altitude had curative effects. The company quickly grew and expanded. To

"Global versus National Talent Management Process"

HRM 532 "Talent Management" Week 7 Discussion 1: "Global versus National Talent Management" 1.) Differentiate between talent management for global versus national efforts and how your organization would address the creation of a global effort if one is not already in existence. (Please add references) Week 7 Discussion 2: "