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Business Management

Gender and Workplace issues in HRM

Gender and workplace issues are discussed in detail along with the challenges for the HRM leader in the public sector. Could you assist me with how education can assist women and almost all employees advance in an organization. In addition, could you assist me with the role of training and development in an agency in improving c

Developing Strong Talent Management Programs Globally

sample question: How to develop a strong talent management program globally, and to retain talent that you have been losing to competitors. Think of the strategies that you might use in addressing both goals. What would you develop, implement and measure to ensure successful accomplishment of these goals? How might you use

Training approaches

Explain the primary training approaches: on-the-job, classroom, and self paced and include advantages and disadvantages of each.

Monthly Status Reports

Read the required article "Perfecting Project Management" by Drew Robb. List three ways a project manager could use the data described in the article to keep the project on track and on budget. Explain how the project management software can improve a mid- project status report to the sponsors. In at least 200 words, provide a c

Dissertation Supplement Products

Hi, I'm currently writing the market analysis part of my dissertation. My dissertation is about launching a new dietary supplement product. This product is called Lutein which is a dietary supplement. Our body cannot produce this "lutein" substance naturally and it must be consumed via dietary supplements to prevent eye diseases

Selecting, Hiring and Training Employees/Hundert & Bell To help forestall workplace deviance in your organization (or one for which you would like to work,) recommend how the organization should select, hire, and train employees. From the video, discuss the ethical principles influe

Legal discrimination

Click on the link below to read about the discrimination suit against Hooters. What are your thoughts on this case? Who do you think was correct and why? Why do you think Hooters settled?,2933,517334,00.html

Organizational development: Southwest Airlines

Southwest has long been the most profitable U.S. airline, even though its fares are typically 25% or more below those of its rivals—and no cost for baggage! Explain this phenomenon from what they have on their site, their mission goals, profitability statements, and leadership. Add your own personal experiences if you have flo

Work Ethic Cases

Select one of the two scenarios and elaborate on what you would do in that situation. 1. Your supplier in Latin America sends you two airline tickets as a token of appreciation for doing business with them. Your company does not allow employees to accept gifts over $50. It is customary in Latin America to give a gift for doi

Developing a Research Proposal

if you could continue to assist me with the following section of a research proposal? See below for more information. Exploring research 7th edition by Neil J.Salkind Topic: "State Testing and Impact on Children" Complete the following areas of the Methods section: 1. Method, Participants, Research Design, Instrument

Organizational Environments and Culture

Watch the video in the link provided and analyze the workplace culture to determine its impact on the ability of Congress to do its job well. Provide specific examples to support your response. From the e-Activity, determine which single component of either the external or internal environment has the most significant impact on


Dr. Eli Goldratt states that "THE GOAL OF THE FIRM IS TO MAKE MONEY". Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your position with at least two examples of companies that may or may not follow this statement.

Economically Just Societies

1. Consider you were in a conversation with a co-worker that stated that "the rich keep getting richer, while the poor keep getting poorer". 2. Address whether or not you agree with their statement. Secondly, provide the definition of an Economically Just Society. Give examples to support your claim. 3. Name another count

Human Rights Assessment

Human Rights have four important characteristics. They are universal, human rights are equal rights, not transferable and human rights are natural rights. 1. Which one these rights is the most important and why? 2. Which one these rights causes the most controversy and why?

The Evolution of Organizational Behaviour

Hello, I need help developing a response to the following: After reviewing the historical evolution of organizational behavior, choose any two schools that are the most interesting and that have contributed to the knowledge of organizational behavior. Describe how these schools influenced our understanding of individual beha

Planning and Decision Making: SMART Goals

Develop S.M.A.R.T. goals that you see benefiting your current (or future) employer. Provide your rationale. Analyze the six steps involved in the rational decision-making process to determine which is the most difficult to execute correctly. Make at least two recommendations for addressing the difficulty you chose.

Micro and Macro Organizational Behavior

Please provide an abstract and an outline which summarizes the difference between Macro and Micro Organizational Behavior. Please also include any references you use to create this Solution.

The Balanced Scorecard & the Financial Perspective based on the following thesis statement: Cattaraugus County Rehabilitation Center did an effective job of implementing a balanced scorecard approach in a fashion that reflects their organizational mission and vision.

In this module's case assignment you will be introduced to the balanced scorecard concept and will begin to consider how organizations link strategy with the balanced scorecard approach. We will look at the interrelationship of strategy and the balanced scorecard approach in more depth later on in this course. For now, however,

Corporate Valuation and Governance

Define each of the following terms: a. Mission statement; corporate scope; statement of corporate objectives; corporate strategies b. Operating plan; financial plan; sales forecast c. Spontaneous liabilities; profit margin; payout ratio d. Additional funds needed (AFN); AFN equation; capital intensity ratio; self supporting

Vendor Certification Programs, Make vs Buy

I need help with ideas so that I can put together a PowerPoint presentation with 12-15 slides that can be used for both internal purposes and when you meet with all of your vendors to kick off a vendor certification program. Assume the following information about a company: The company is currently assessing a make versus b

Designing Organizational Assessments

I am a little lost and confused and need help with this 8-10 slides (excluding title and reference slide), with speaker notes of 200-250 words per slide. In a separate Word document, explain its application in 400-650 words. Organizations must be adaptable and responsive to changes in the environment to succeed. Within the or

Globalization of Business and Managing People

The globalization of business has brought a wealth of styles, cultures, and languages to the workplace, as well as an increase in workplace conflicts and misunderstandings. What is your strategy for managing people who believe strategically differently from you? How would your strategy change if: (a) To win is everything; (b)

MNC Organizational Structures

MNC organizational structures: - Domestic structure plus export department - Domestic structure plus foreign subsidiary - Global structure - Global functional structure - Global product structure Research the Internet to cite an example of each of the structures. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each structur

Human Resources Primary Research

Talk to an HR Representative at your company. If your company does not have an HR Representative, talk to a friend or family member who works in HR. Find out and record the answers to the questions below. After recording the responses received, provide a paragraph summarizing your thoughts concerning the information you learned