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Business Management

Temporary and Seasonal Employees: Fair employment practice?

The original case study: A flexible workforce is a great way to fill the business needs without making commitments to hiring. Temporary, or flexible, workers are often brought into an organization for a set period of time to perform specific tasks related to a project. A good example would be retailers hiring temporary/seas

Debate Around the Affordable Health Care Act

Explain the current health policy debate regarding the Affordable Care Act in the context of values, markets, and morals. In fairness and availability of care, who wins and who loses? Discuss equity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Select a point of view, and argue what should be done.

Factors that contribute to the growth of tourism

Identify five factors that contribute to the growth of tourism. Discuss these trends and how they have become more relevant or less relevant in our current world situation? Disposable income, niche market, package tour, charter tour, and customized tour. 200 words.

Organizational Purpose - Starbucks Example

I need some guidance with this case study: Given the assumption that strategy-making begins with clarification of organizational purpose, whose viewpoint should the organization reflect - the owners, stakeholders, employees, members of the general public or customers? Provide a rationale for your answer.

Ubiquitous Ad Pitches Desensitizing Consumers

Can you please help me with these questions from this article - Are ubiquitous ad pitches desensitizing consumers? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Visit the website for the PR Society of America and read the article from PR Tactics and The Strategist Online entitled - Are ubiquitous ad pitches desensitizing consumers?

Reasons for downsizing and alternatives to layoffs

The original student posting: Downsizing is a topic that is probably close to many of us. In today's challenging economy it is common for companies, large and small, to downsize their workforce in order to stay afloat. Companies often feel that downsizing is the only way to save the business. For what reasons do companie

Productivity and Quality

•From the video, determine how the same focus on quality demonstrated by the Barcelona Restaurant Group could benefit manufacturing operations. Provide specific examples to support your response. •From the e-Activity, make one solid recommendation for how the organization you researched could become more productive by ap

Social Media and Empowerment

How might social media and apps help empower employees to delight their customers and help the learning function contribute to enhancing environment sustainability?

Research Paper on Children with Autism

Please help with the components for the research proposal of living with a child with Autism. It must include: 1. Introduction: introduce the research proposal topic 2. Problem Statement: identify the very specific problem (without being too broad). Present this is a thesis statement. 3. Rationale for the Research: e

Intercutural Management

What processes do MNCs need to establish in order to reduce prosecution risk? Many MNCs have decided to confront concerns about ethical behavior by developing worldwide practices that represent the company's policy. What are four policies used to address this issue? How would you implement these four policies in your business st

Disability as a Critical Disadvantage

Why are people with disabilities at a critical disadvantage when compared with people without disabilities, and why might people with disabilities be unmotivated to apply for a job, and what disincentive might discourage employers from hiring a person with a disability?

Creating a project plan based on core planning processes

Reading Assignment: Shtub, Bard, and Globerson, Chaps. 1 and 2 PMI, Chaps. 1, 2 and 4.1 Objective Create a project plan (based upon the core planning processes) focused on customer needs and which effectively balances project and organizational objectives with stakeholder satisfaction and which addresses the nine project

Job or Organizational Match

Compare the importance of matching applicants to the job and matching applicants to the organization. This relates to the quality of the results of the staffing process. Respond to the following: - What are the advantages of matching applicants to the job? - What are the advantages of matching applicants to the organiz

Actions to boost the world economy

The latest economic news was not very positive. Unemployment rates were higher than expected, consumer confidence had fallen, and companies were reporting layoffs were in order. The Federal Reserve chairman acknowledged the economy was in a recession. What actions might the federal government take to give the world's economy a b

The Malcolm Baldrige Award

Analyze The Malcolm Baldrige Award and give an overview of the process. Provide an example of a company that uses the quality process and how it has helped their organization with new business and market share. Use at least one outside reference to support your answer.

The Benson Metal Company case analysis

I am writing a 1000 word essay. I only need help with 500 words. Situation: The Benson Metal Company employs about 1,500 people, is listed on the stock exchange, and has been in existence for many decades. See enclosed attachment for details and analyze this case. Explain the case, the problems, the positives, and give your

Merit pay

What is merit pay? Do you think it's a good idea to award employees merit raises? If yes, why? If not, why not? Merit pay or merit raises is any salary increase awarded to an employee based on his or her individual performance.

Effects of variation on operational excellence

Using the Wheeler text as a framework, explain the effects of variation on operational excellence. Include, where applicable, examples from past experience or research, differing opinions on metrics (i.e. Deming vs Wheeler), practical application, viability of certain metrics or any other point of view you have developed through

Competing through Technology

Could you assist me with my initial response to the following discussion questions? Competing Through Technology: Connectiveness Enhances HR Practices Social networking helps people satisfy their need to stay connected, and now it also helps companies to enhance many of their HR practices including recruiting, training a

Request for proposal regarding an office move

After reading the Office Move Scenario (attached), prepare an RFP (Request for Proposal) to solicit an electrical contractor. Your RFP should contain the following: An Introduction to the project Business profile (Just Use "Engineering Firm") A description of the problem A description of the Vendor responsibility (what you

Assessing competitiveness of a benefits package

After receiving a positive response from StopNShopToday, Inc. management about the recommendations for the incentives and performance appraisal projects, the HR generalist has been assigned a project that will prove to be very challenging: assessing the competitiveness of the company benefits package.

Case Studies of "Performance Review Takes a Page from Facebook"

Using the Case Studies of "Performance Review Takes a Page from Facebook" http://www.businessweek.com/stories/2009-03-11/performance-review-takes-a-page-from-facebook. Answer the three questions at the end of each case using at least 250 words and cite any sources used. 1. Based on the information given, discuss how well Perf