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    Why Intel Developed the Celeron Chip

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    Please explain why Intel developed the Celeron chip. Also, explain this decision using the disruptive innovation logic.

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    The term "disruptive innovation" originated from Clayton M. Christensen.

    According to BJJ (2012) Professor Christensen "applied this term to the worlds of business and technology to describe how newer, 'better' ways of doing things will upset existing methods and eventually overcome them".

    BJJ (2012) went on to say that "disruptive innovation explains how steamships disrupted sailing ships, cars disrupted railways, personal computers disrupted word processors, Wikipedia disrupted encyclopedias, digital photography disrupted film, cell phones disrupted public pay phones, and so on".

    Disruptive ...

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    Intel developed the Celeron Chip to make computing extremely fast. In doing so it has disturbed the computer industry into near perfection. This is the essence of disruptive innovation that will result to a better way of doing things. Two references are provided to aid in the understanding of the question.