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Project Manager: Monitoring & Controlling Projects

The solution addresses the following questions:

A . What would be some of the ramifications if the Project Manager did not monitor and control the project?

B. What are some of the tools a Project Manager could use to monitor and control a project? If you could only use one tool which would you choose and why?

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A. If the Project Manager fails to monitor and control the project, the ramifications could be failure to meet project deadlines, a final product that does not support the intended wants, needs and/or goals of what the project was to accomplish, as well as potential loss in business and/or customers. Projects are often comprised of several "moving parts" and may involve a variety of experts - from internal employees to perhaps even external consultants. It is vital for the Project Manager to monitor progress and ensure everyone is fulfilling their role. It is equally as important that the Project Manager control the entire process; as the ...

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This solution is about 450 words and addresses two questions related to project management: what ramifications may occur if the Project Manager does not monitor/control the project and tools which can be used to do so.