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    Research Designs

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    The clearly written research question is important to planning a study because it provides the rationale for why the study is needed. Relevant to well formulated research questions, what do we need to know and why? What other considerations in formulating well-structured research questions should the researcher take into account? Using the PICO /FINER acronyms, write a research question involving healthcare, a topic of debate among doctors and other healthcare professionals, businesses, consumers, and politicians.

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    A research question must identify a problem and what is known from other research or information. There has to be a problem and the problem must be focused and clear. For example, the doctor has many patients that do not get the required tests when ordered. The problem is the expense and having to travel from the doctor to another facility, get permission for the tests through insurance, or ...

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    The relevant well formulated research questions are examined. The topic of debates among doctors and other healthcare professionals, businesses, consumers and politicians are given.