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The Characteristics of Differing Research Designs

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Briefly describe some of the ethical issues that are unique to single-subject research designs and how you would protect the rights of your subject in this type of research.

Briefly define what a Multiple Baseline Design is

How would you deal with a Multiple Baseline Design where the intervention you are using is effective in reducing a dangerous self-injurious behavior? Would you return to Baseline after treatment? Why or why not?

Finally, what are some of the drawbacks to the use of the different single-subject research designs, such as Baseline, Dynamic and Discrete Trial Designs?

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A very important ethical issue that is unique to a single subject research designs, is ensuring that the research subject is advised as to the exact requirements of the research that is to be conducted, as well as the dangers that may be commensurate with the research that is to be conducted. It is also very important to protect the privacy of the subject of the research, so that only the data that is pertinent to ascertain the ...

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This solution describes the differing characteristics of differing research designs.

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