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    Damage control of a crisis in the media: damage control for an individual

    Identify a crisis event that is being discussed in the media. It can relate to an individual (ex. Tiger Woods) or an organization (Toyota). Analyze the organization's or individual's vulnerability and outline specific steps that have been taken to handle the crisis. What other suggestions do you have for handling the situation?

    Public Relations: News releases for an organization

    Can you please help me with these questions in this article and the "Top 10 PR Mistakes". Below is the link for the article and the Top 10 PR Mistakes. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Visit the site http://www.websitemarketingplan.com/pr/writepressrelease2.htm and review the material about news releases. How would yo

    Calculating the critical path of a project

    I am looking for some help on this project management problem. Since it's difficult to post the information in here please see the attachment. Example of how it is done below is attached as the PDF's, This is all the data that I was given for the problem. I only attached the examples as the PDF's, the word attachment is the

    Modern Trends and Innovations in Sustainable Energy Solutions

    I need help in compiling the information and research that will help me answer the questions below on modern trends and innovations in sustainable energy solutions. Analysis of the Field - What is your analysis of the state of the field of sustainability? - Describe important issues or current dilemmas in the field.

    Mission Command Impact on Vietnam War

    I need help in my outline on the Vietnam War. The areas I should develop and include are: - brief summary of events leading to the battle, its outcome and thesis statement that ties mission command to that outcome - body will analyze the commander's performance in six steps - conclusion will analyze the mission command's imp

    Why to hire a woman in the business world

    APA format research paper outline for "Why to Hire Woman in the Business World". I have been asked to prepare a basic research paper outline c.a. 1 1/2 pages in order to provides me with an opportunity to organize thoughts into an outline. Prepare an outline for a research paper and include at least four major headings (or top

    Organizational performance vs employee performance assessment

    BSC is more of an "organizational performance" scorecard rather than an employee performance assessment. What I want to know is how can we build-in customer preference into employee assessment system? How reliable will it be and how do we create such measures?

    Putting Management Principles into Practice

    On page 117, Wheatley discusses "The Great Paradox" of being able to prepare for the future without knowing what that future will be. She suggests that there is one core principle to thriving within this paradox: "People must be engaged in meaningful work together . . ." (p. 118). Review the ways (pp. 118-124) Wheatley talks abo

    Who threw the first punch?

    What is your opinion regarding whether or not media depictions of violence promote violence? To what extent you think varying degrees of depicted violence have an equal or unequal influence on viewers? 2 references please

    Royal prank call and management theory

    Critically analyze the events surrounding the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha. How do management theory and strategy impact on the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) of workers at both 2Day FM Radio and King Edward IV Hospital. Discuss the management strategies and theories at both 2Day FM and King Edward Hospital. Critica

    Graph and Data Relationships

    In your opinion, why do you think such graph and data relationships exist? What criteria would you recommend for pairing specific graphic representations with data sets? What challenges do you foresee in representing data sets?

    Health, Safety, and Wellness Program

    Discuss how the elements of a good health, safety, and wellness program might relate to workforce productivity. Are there any studies relating to this topic, and what do they show?

    Progressive approach to discipline

    Discuss what the Progressive Approach to discipline, the Positive Approach to discipline, and the GAP approach are all about. What do you see as the essential elements (commonalities) of these approaches? Do any of these approaches give you concerns as a manager? Which approach do you think you would prefer to use if you were wo

    Evaluating a management theory

    I need help in developing criteria for evaluating a management theory and systems thinking theory. Here are the guidelines: Proposed Guidelines for Developing Evaluation Criteria: 1. Identify the theory and its context: What is the theory and where does it fit in the context of existing research? 2. Examine the Method: Ho

    Career Development Stage

    What career development stage (early, midcareer, and/or preretirement for instance) would you say you are in at present and what concerns are associated with this stage? Finally, discuss how your boss might better meet your needs and the organization's needs in light of this information.

    Management Decision Making

    Assume that you were a manager of a large department in a company, and you received a request from your supervisors to supply laptops equipped with Wi-Fi and mobile broadband. How would you decide whether to agree with the request or not? How would you decide who should receive laptops and who should not?

    Socialization vs. biological predisposition

    What does this means: Studies have shown that socialization has far more impact on a person than biological predisposition. What is a role that you currently hold? How have the agents of socialization, specific to you, placed you in the identified role? Identify three agents of socialization in your response. Select one agent

    Please Help

    Q1: The movie rental industry changing. What is changing about where and how we get our movie rentals? What are the movie rental industry's driving forces of change and how are they changing the industry. Explain and discuss what is going on here. Q2: What do you think the movie rental industry of the future of will be lik

    Concept of Manufacturing "Explosion"

    Need some assistance with this question. If you were the manufacturing manager for a company that manufactures travel luggage, how would you describe the concept of "explosion" and what would you include in your description?

    Merging organizational cultures

    What have been some of the issues associated with combining/merging the organizational cultures of Delta Air Lines and Northwest Air Lines? Your answer should also include information about assumptions, artifacts, and values and contain references to sources.

    Water Rights and Other Institutions

    Identify three (3) cases in three (3) different regions of the world where issues have arisen in relation to people's access to safe sources of water. You will likely find that many such issues are political disputes over water rights. Analyzing the relationship between water rights and other institutions of society, politics

    Mortality risks with poor sanitation

    Environmental problems represent major threats to the health, quality of life, and longevity of people residing in all countries, but arguably more so in the developing world. What are some of the mortality risk factors and burdens associated with inadequate supplies of clean water and poor sanitation that disproportionately aff

    Relationship between public and private insurance

    Describe the relationship between public and private insurance as well as among the branches of the government. These components and their associated stakeholders are part of a large system. Consider the U.S. health care "system." At the strategic level (macro level), draw a stakeholder diagram that includes both private and pub

    Creating a training plan for assessment

    Need a training plan for the below: Something consisting of the below details... Needs assessment Environmental analysis Organizational analysis Demographical analysis Operational analysis Individual analysis Training methods Types of media Learning principles Training for learning skills or facts Effectiveness of

    Servant Leaders

    How would you define the issue or challenge in terms of social responsibility, serving society, and improving the common good? Why are servant leaders needed in today's global organizations (given these issues)? How can they help address the issues or challenges you identified? Please provide references.

    Age discrimination in the industrial workplace

    Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) - Industrial/Technical Workplace I'm having trouble with these end of the chapter questions for studying. Please use complete sentences and your own words. Please cite any references. 6 sentence minimum for each question. Please keep your opinion out of the responses (only focus on th

    Organizational Identity

    Because "all life resists control" (Wheatley, p. 28.) and "[y]ou can never direct a living system; you can only disturb it" (Wheatley, p. 37), Wheatley argues that organizations can thrive only if they have a strong sense of identity. Do you think that the commonly held goal of maximizing shareholder wealth forms the basis of id