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    Grievance Mediation advantages and disadvantages

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    Describe the advantages and disadvantages of grievance mediation.

    Do you believe a typical grievance procedure is effective? Why or why not? Defend your answer.

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    Grievance mediation is used heavily in conjunction with contract law. Companies of all sizes use this type of mediation as a cost-effective means of conflict resolution. The mediator is a trained expert in his/her field. The mediator interprets any contracts involved and hears statements from all parties involved, before rendering a decision.

    There are several advantages to grievance mediation. The main advantage is the cost savings, compared to utilizing the traditional court systems or other methods intended for conflict resolution. In a grievance mediation situation, there is a greater degree of negotiating that can take place. It gives ...

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    This solution describes the advantages and disadvantages of grievance mediation. The effectiveness of grievance mediation is also discussed.