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McDonalds Policy - Moral Judgement

With reference to the above policy:

Can they impose such a policy? Do you feel others will follow? What if bribery is embedded in a country - can it be changed

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Policy Implementation
Yes, McDonalds can impose such a policy aimed to eliminate bribery. It is so, as to ensure the production of quality products in right way and maintain the integrity, it is vital for McDonalds to impose such a policy that avoids bribery. It will help in striving continually in the business and maintain the business code of conduct. It will also assist in ensuring ethical practices that are essential to avoid any corruption. As corruptive practices affect the integrity, corporate image and create negative word of mouth for the company in the eye of public. The company is committed to ensure anti-bribery policy. As per this policy, employees, associates, ...

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The expert examines McDonalds policy for moral judgement.