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Current Assets in Cash Management Strategies

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Write a paper to review McDonald's most recent financial reports, such as management comments, and footnotes to financial statements, to explain how each current account has affected cash management strategies.

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//The appropriate cash management has significant advantages. The cash management strategies get influenced because of the current accounts management. We will discuss about current account management of McDonalds and cash management policy.//

McDonalds is a prominent company in fast food industry. In the consolidated balance sheet of 2008 of McDonalds, there are four current accounts. They are Cash and Cash equivalents, Accounts and Notes receivables, Inventories and Prepaid expenses. The balance of Cash Account and Accounts receivables are $2063.4 (Millions) and $ 931.2 (Millions). On the other side, the balance of Inventor account and prepaid expenses accounts are figured out as $111.5 (Millions) ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 483 words with references.

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