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corporate financial management

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For a graduate level paper - briefly describe long-term and short-term strategies for corporate financial management.


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Short-term corporate finance or corporate financial managmeent decisions are called working capital management and deal with balance of current assets and current liabilities by managing cash, inventories, and short-term borrowing and lending (e.g., the credit terms extended to customers).

One of the main advantages of looking at the working capital position is being able to foresee any financial difficulties that may arise. Even a business that has billions of dollars in fixed assets will quickly find itself in bankruptcy court if it can't pay its monthly bills. Under the best circumstances, poor working capital leads to financial pressure on a company, increased borrowing, and late payments to creditor - all of which result in a lower credit rating. A lower credit rating means banks charge a higher interest rate, which can cost a ...

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Briefly describe long-term and short-term strategies for corporate financial management

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