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Business Management

PC Connections

PC Connection promises same-day delivery to consumers who place their orders before 2:45 am. PC Connections is using ________ to achieve a competitive edge. a. Materials handling b. Physical distribution c. Supply chain management d. Operations management.

Flexible budget: Brabham Enterprises

Brabham Enterprises manufactures tires for the Formula I motor racing circuit. For August 2012, it budgeted to manufacture and sell 3,000 tires at a variable cost of $74 per tire and total fixed costs of $54,000. The budgeted selling price was $110 per tire. Actual results in August 2012 were 2,800 tires manufactured and sold at

Three Phases of Program Design

Companies need to have an effective training program in place to motivate employees to obtain new knowledge and learn any new skills required to effectively complete the duties required for their jobs. An organization must perform an adequate needs assessment and choose the delivery method, face-to-face or online, that best suit

Calculating the maximum fixed cost in the given case

Zipco is in serious negotiations to purchase a chunking machine that will enable them to perform their own chunking at $1.25 per unit. They currently have their chunking outsourced at a cost of $1.75 per unit and a fixed cost of $48,000. Their marketing team feels that they can sustain an annual volume of 15,000 units. What is t

Calculating the Expected Completion Time

The following information has been gathered for a project: TIME ESTIMATES (DAYS) Activity Immediate Predecessor(s) Most Optimistic Most Likely Most Pessimistic A ---- 6

Process Management Statement

Which one of the following statements is best about process management? Select one: a. Creating a more capital-intensive process tends to reduce the fixed cost and raise the variable unit cost. b. Economies of scope mean that a process should be devoted to a single product or service to achieve high volumes. c. The tradit

Conducting an Internal Analysis

There are several ways to conduct internal analysis (ex. benchmarking, analysis of historical performance, etc.). Need assistance in selecting one, describe it, and apply it to a corporation (ex. find a company that has effectively used it) in 200-300 words.

Ripple Effect

◦ What is the positive effects of modern popular culture and its texts on society. ◦ Determine whether media affect society or society affects media.

Z-tests and t-tests in a work environment

I work in a corporate office or a health system. There are approximately 800 people in my location. I need to examples of a z-test and a t-test that would be appropriate of my place of employment. I understand the basic differences between the two tests, but I do not understand how to apply them to my current work environment

Reciprocity and Exchange in Insurance Industry

Using State Farm, what would be three potential issues regarding Reciprocity and Exchange? How does the reciprocity and exchange process affect the insurance industry environment and the on-going internal/external business relationships?

5 Stages to Solving Complex Problems

Wheatley proposes five stages to solving complex problems. From a managerial perspective, reflect upon a situation you have experienced or are currently experiencing that involves conflict in your work environment. Consider applying Wheatley's model to your professional situation. Would this model be effective in resolving your

Goshe corporation

1. What are the major problems in the case study? 2. Was the company committed to project management? 3. Was project management forced upon the organization? 4. Did Goshe jump blindly into project management, or was there a gradual introduction? 5. Did the company consider the problems that could manifest themselves with the

History of Crisis Management

Please help with writing ideas for an essay on the 'History of Crisis Management, Present status and future outlook.' I need to use Peer-reviewed articles. There should be a focus and flow that ties all of the research together. Research should come from journals such as: the Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Journ

Organizational Culture: Shifting Demographics

Watch the following video: As a potential manager of a group of Millenials in your firm, what kind of organizational culture will result from this shift in demographics? What are your thoughts on this shift? If you are a Millenial, how do you feel about entering a culture that

Career Management: Take-Overs, Downsizing, and the Stress

In an era of mergers, take-overs, downsizing, and the stress associated with 70+ hour work weeks, why might an employee have the the new "mercenary employment philosophy" that says "..I'm a full time consultant and my current full time employer just happens to be my biggest client right now..." Thus, this mercenary philosophy e

Ability of patents to protect intellectual property

Using Gilbert Hyatt's invention of the microprocessor and Robert Kearn's invention of the intermittent windshield wipers as examples, research and comment upon other incidents that call into question the ability of Patents to protect intellectual property.

Future of Unions

Could you assist me with a recent article of the future of unions in the United States from the internet? Could you assist me in describing the current challenges or opportunities for the American union in the private sector from the article from the internet?

Elements of Teamwork Destruction

This solution addresses: In your view what do you believe is the number one thing that destroys team and/or work group cultures? And can you ever rebuild a culture to where it was at its peak?

Decision-Making Pitfalls: Group Think & Escalation

Please help with an assignment by discussing this question: Working in teams has many decision making elements. Pick two of the following Decision-Making Pitfalls that are the worst for a team; explain in detail why they are the worst: 1. Group Thinking 2. Escalation of Commitment 3. The Abilene Paradox 4. Group Polarizat

Followership Leadership Differences

Kindly assist with these 4 questions on follwership: In order to have leadership, you must also have followership. There are, however, different views of what followership implies. Different forms of leadership require different characteristics in followers. Some leadership styles prefer that followers simply follow and do not

Working Conditions at Foxconn

•Employees at Foxconn factories described in the e-Activity worked more hours than allowed under Chinese labor laws. Yet the violation of these standards is widespread in manufacturing and the demanding treatment of workers is commonly accepted. Compare and contrast the ethos of Foxconn with the basic tenets of ethical relativ

Completion Time of a Project with Activities Included

See the attached file. Activity Preceding Activities Normal Time (weeks) Crash Time (weeks) Expediting (Crashing) cost per week ($) A - 9 8 3,000 B A 19 15 1,800 C A 15 14 2,000 D B,C 5 5 - E C 10 6 4,000 F D,E 2 1 1,000 Question 1. A restaurant chain is building a new restaurant. The following are activities that

The Drive-Thru Performance Study Ops

The questions are based on the QSR Drive-Thru article attached: 1. Why does a wider variety on the menu increase service times? How does this impact the waiting times and specifically what variable in the queuing analysis changes? 2. When Krystal reduced its average service time by 40 seconds, how does this decrease the averag

Key Attributes and Benefits Approaches

Week 1 Discussion 1: "Key Attributes" Discuss the key attributes of total rewards programs and how each contributes to employee performance. Outline a strategy for integrating all of these attributes into an organization's overall approach to total rewards and provide a rationale. (Add references if possible) Week 1 Discussi

Corporate Intelligence

"Corporate intelligence is not corporate espionage because 95 percent of the information a company needs to make strategic decisions is available and accessible to the public."

Indecent Behavior

What is constitutes indecency. ◦Analyze the appeal or attraction of indecency in media and the role society plays in defining or policing indecency. ◦Connect social change to society's reaction to and policing of indecency. ◦2 references

Structure and Importance of a Project Phase Review Meeting

Describe the structure and importance of a project phase review meeting. Select three areas that need to be reviewed by the project manager and explain why. Create a list of stakeholders that should be invited to the meeting. Why did you choose these stakeholders? What should all the meeting participants be able to walk away