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    Service Industry and Total Quality Management

    Dear expert; Here is a short question, please offer some of your supports. This is only a short discussion, so no words limited (100-200 will be fine). Reference is preferable if possible. Question What are the fundamentals of total quality management in the service industries, and what are the approaches that fit better

    Healthcare Management Quality Practices

    How do quality practices that originated in the manufacturing industry differ from the traditional quality practices of health care organizations? How would applying the core values and concepts of the Baldridge Health Care Criteria for performance Excellence improve health care quality?

    help please

    Luthans and Doh (2012) discuss feedback systems. Why is it important to consider an effective feedback system as an international manager? 150 Apa Luthans, F., & Doh, J. P. (2012). International management: Culture, strategy, and behavior (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

    Assessing the effectiveness of the strategy and evaluate implementation

    Question: Read the case study on pages 353-360 of the textbook: 1. Assess the effectiveness of the strategy of seven steps to 'Revitalising Quality' at BT Retail 2. Evaluate the role and performance of management in its implementation. Reference Oakland, J. S. (2003) TQM: text with cases. 3rd ed. Oxford: Butterworth-He

    Crown Holding's Analysis

    Please assist with the following for Crown Cork (http://www.crowncork.com): 1. Assess Crown Cork's profitability within the industry and identify any threats or opportunities; perform a General Force analysis. 2. Utilize Porter's "5 Forces Model" to analyze Crown Cork. Examine and articulate threats of entry, the power of

    American financial crisis inquiry commission report

    Read some of the Report of the FINANCIAL CRISIS INQUIRY COMMISSION. Make sure you read both the conclusions of the main report, and at least one of the DISSENTING opinions. Compare the conclusions with the dissenters, in the context of judgmental and other decision-making biases.http://www.fcic.gov/report/conclusions (5 pages)

    Calling a Neutral Third Party for Help

    This week lets discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using third parties to facilitate negotiations. In litigation we call it alternative dispute resolution. When is it a good idea to call for neutral third party help?

    Efforts to converge US GAAP and IFRS since 2002: Discontinued Operations

    Research the efforts to converge US GAAP and IFRS since 2002. Some of the efforts include undertaking projects such as leases, revenue recognition, investments, inventory costing, nonmonetary exchanges, fair value calculation, and share-based compensation, among others. Select one of the projects completed, ongoing, or proposed.

    Intermediate Accounting: estimates, earnings management, permanent earnings

    What are estimates? Describe the appropriate adjusting entries for two examples of estimates. Describe the differences between Vodafone's balance sheets and a typical U.S company balance sheet. How do earnings management practices affect the quality of earnings? Assume that a manufacturing company's annual income statem

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    Luthans and Doh (2012) present several details about four organizational cultures: family, Eiffel Tower, guided missile, and incubator. Which of the four organizational cultures do you prefer as a manager? As a worker? As a customer? Explain your position.

    Enterprise and customer service

    I need help in writing a 10 page case on enterprise with charts, graphs etc. questions are is customer satisfaction still a problem at enterprise? if so how would you improve it? which issue on page c-341 is the most important issue and why? i need it in 3 days and 50 credits if you could help

    The US Airline Industry in 2012: problem and causes

    Case Analysis: The US Airline Industry in 2012 Perform a brief case analysis of "The US Airline Industry in 2012" case using Wertheim's Case Analysis and Problem Solving Model. For this assignment, do only steps 2 & 3 (Define the problem; Causes). After reading the case, use Wertheim's Model to define the major problem and th

    Change Management System

    You and your manager reviewed the change management system you defined for the project. Your manager does not think it is really necessary because "a good project management plan will not have any changes. The scope is set, the dates are set, and the budgets are set. A good project manager will just make sure everything goes acc

    Prison Comparison

    1. Describe the prison where Tookie Williams and Rubin": Hurricane Cater were incarcerated, and the outcome of their time in prison. 2. Compare and contrast the characteristics of the two prisoners. 3. Describe the problems associated with the prisons used to incarcerate these individuals. The above response is from own expert

    Knowledge Valuation: Effect on Teamwork

    The case study: Knowledge Valuation is a very interesting concept and a valuable element within any effect team. How do you perceive Knowledge Valuation? What is your overall impression; what is good or bad?


    With regard to the attached article (which can be found at the following link http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/11_12/b4220021488483.htm) and Chapter 8 of the textbook, Essentials of Contemporary Management by Gareth Jones, I am looking for help in analyzing the following. Direct information from the article and textb

    Bias in politics

    Discuss problems of bias in political elections and what, if anything, can be done to improve our capacity to choose good people for the job and comfort us that we have done so adequately and fairly.

    Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

    Using the following youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLgJ7pk0X-s Please provide some insights on the 7 questions: 1. Does a group ALWAYS need a leader to function well? Why? 2. Is there a single, true leader in this group? If so, who is it? If so, why do you consider this individual the leader? 3. What d

    B-24 Bomber Production

    Please provide some insights on the following questions: 1. How might one envision or compare inspiration, empowerment, initiative, and communication between leaders and followers in the mid-1940s vs. now? 2. What might be any conceivably different impacts, considerations, or challenges leaders then faced in the mid-1940s

    Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals for Robin Hood case study

    Can you please help me with this case study (attached)? Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals Read the case "Robin Hood" provided in this week's lesson, and complete the following corresponding assignment. Before Robin can develop a strong, coherent strategy, he must have a solid mission statement; one that provides guidance

    Lady Gaga:Successful strategies and performance diagnosis

    Can you please help me with these two sets of questions? The documents attached with the details. Each response must be half page. Thanks in advance for your assistance. 1. What are your thoughts on the strategies employed by Lady Gaga as described in the Strategy Capsules in your text? Do they meet the criteria outlined th

    Comparing economic bubbles and collapses

    The is a two part problem: 1. Compare and contrast: a. The Tulip Stock Bubble b. The South Seas Stock Bubble c. The Dot.com Bubble D. The Real Estate Bubble/Collapse 2. Based on the compare and contrast, analysis above: a. What do you think will be the next bubble/crash b. Ho

    Preventive stress management methods

    Discuss one of the eight individual preventive stress management methods that you have used (or would use) and how it has helped (or would help) you cope with stress. Discuss the impact on your performance at school or work.

    Optical illusion exercise in team development

    What we each see is always different than what some else sees. So explain what you see in the below picture and explore how you could use such an optical illusion to begin a brainstorming activity with a work-team? Picture attached.....