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Airline industry Management

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•How has airline travel changed in the last decade?
•How have the attitudes of both the internal and external customers changed?
•What impact do these attitudes have on the business?
•How could airline management change the negative impression of the industry?
•What are some ways airline management could build successful partnerships with customers?
•What impact has the change in the airline industry had on lost customers?
•What are some tactics the airline industry have instituted to attract and retain customer loyalty?
•What do you think the impact of continued lack of customer service have on the airline industry?

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Airline industry would need to increase customer service, reduce ticket prices and fees and improve customer check in at the airport to attain customers and improve the airline business.

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Globalization had increased the amount of travel people were doing for business and work. However, since 9/11 and due to terrorism, bomb threats, hijacks, and other acts of violence, the amount of travel has decreased significantly over the last decade. People are more wary of travel and try to find different means to reach their destinations. Travel has become more difficult with longer lineups to go through security, passenger scans, and reduction in the amount of liquids one can bring in a carry on.

Both internal and external customers have become frustrated and tired of all the hassles travel has brought about. External customers are angry with the increase in ticket prices, more fees, and reduction in services provided by the airlines. Internal customers are frustrated ...

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