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    Qantas Airlines-Australia: Information and knowledge

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    Describe Qantas's attitude to information management, what is qantas strategy on knowledge management. Maturity of qantas in terms of KM (sharing,culture trust etc).What is the information syatem and which ones are supportrd by IT Are information systems matched to specific organisational requirements. Can KM/IM be improved?

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    Qantas Airlines


    Qantas is the second old airline of Australia, which was found in 1920. Qantas is the biggest domestic and international airline of Australia. Qantas is known as the leading airline carrier of long distance. In 1967, it changed its name from Qantas Empire Airways to Qantas Airways Limited. It is popular for its safety records, which is one of the strengths of this airline organization. It offers special service to its customer. It offers traveling services for the different areas of Australia and New Zealand.

    It has a team of experts in different fields such as engineering, customer service and safety procedures, which also differentiates it from its rivals. It operates 590 services at international level on a weekly basis. This paper describes about the strategic overview of Qantas airline on information and knowledge management. Qantas airline serves key cities in the Asia/Pacific region such as UK, North America, Europe, South America and Southern Africa. There are around 34,000 employees in the staff of Qantas across the network. Qantas operates a task force of about 193 aircrafts, which comprises Boeing 747s, 767s, 737s and 717s, Airbus A330s (Qantas Airways - A Brief History, 2008).

    Qantas attitude to information management

    The management team of Qantas airlines is concern about the information management and develops innovative and promising methods & plans for the effective functioning of its information management. The information management team of Qantas airlines is competent and skilful in the field of information technology and provides specific solutions for the issues related with the information management. The team a strategic outlook for the analysis and evaluation of the plans required to be implemented for the information management. Qantas management team always looks for the innovative ideas which can improve its present level.

    Qantas airlines develop strategic alliances with the telecom companies in order to build strong position in the airline industry by developing a competent strategy. Companies like Telstra has strategic alliance with Qantas, which enables it to offer web based services to its key customer in an effective manner. Qantas airlines have strategic alliances and joint ventures with the competent companies of information technology which assists it to offer innovative and superior quality services to the corporate customers. Qantas airlines always develop strategies on the basis of their analysis by the experts which assist it to better cooperate with the future trends of the airline industry.

    Qantas airlines adopt all the proven methods for the generation of strategies for its information management, which assist it to gain insight about the changes occurring in the information technology. There are various features which differentiates the information management of Qantas airlines from other airline companies these are as follows:

    Ø Reliability: Qantas airlines develop the strategy for the functioning of the information management on the basis of reliable data.

    Ø Accuracy: Qantas airlines implement accurate data for the administration of the services of information management.

    Ø Preciseness: Qantas airlines implement the strategies for the accomplishment of the procedures of information management on the basis of precise data and information.

    Ø Competitive: Qantas airlines follow the competitive approaches for ...

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