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Business Management Sample Questions

1) Select a third party website. What airline system is this website using? How do you know this information? Why do you think it is important to use an airline system on a third party Internet site? Explain you answer.

2) What areas of the lodging industry has technology had the greatest influence? Are there certain property types that are more reliant on new technology than other types? Why? What aspect or aspects of technology do you believe have had the greatest influence on the lodging industry in the last decade?

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1) Flair Airlines is an example of a third party airline since it is not owned and operated by Verizon (Flair airline n.d). This third party website uses AvAIO airline system since the operations of the airline are based on the web and the airlines functionality are integrated in nature. This information is evident from SYSAIO (n.d). The use of an airline system in a third party airline site is important since the system checks for back links of the website therefore providing an estimate of the amount of traffic the website has. Other than this, an airline system can assist the owners of a website in tracking where and how ...

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This solution discusses Flair Airlines and the influence of technology on the lodging industry.