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    Coordination When Implementing a New System

    operations and other aspects of the firm. ERP systems are supposedly effective agents for such coordination, but they are notoriously hard to implement and maintain. Less ambitious information technology initiatives may be easier to put into place, but often fail to achieve sufficient coordination. Clearly, being able to do do "

    Information Flows and Financial Management

    The Kuali Foundation is a very interesting cooperative venture developing financial information systems in the academic sector. As they describe themselves, The Kuali Foundation is a non-profit organization responsible for sustaining and evolving a comprehensive suite of administrative software that meets the needs of all Car

    EEOC: Discrimination & Severely Obese

    Search the EEOC website (www.eeoc.gov) for the most recent weight or appearance cases. Summarize the most egregious case and settlement. What EEO law(s) applied to the case? What kind of organization was involved? Did the organization have a clear diversity program? What could the employee have done differently? What could the e

    The Family Leave and Medical Act

    The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides minimum standards and levels of benefits for family and medical leaves. What rights do employees have under FMLA? Please discuss some specific inadequacies of FMLA. Provide examples to support your answer. 300 words

    Racial Profiling of Arabs and Muslim Americans

    Conduct an Internet search on racial profiling of Arabs and Muslims in the United States, and then answer the following questions. Given that the majority of Arabs in the United States are Christians, why is the perception that they are Muslims so widespread? Many people are profiled as being Arab or Muslim, when they are not. H

    Google Strategic Diversification

    1) Strategic recommendations and plans 2) The recommendation and plan should address a strategic issue 3) Recommendations and plans can be to align resources for a sustainable competitive advantage; and/or to enable resource alignment via organizational structure and management systems; and /or Other recommendations A) In

    EEOC: Discrimination & Asian-Americans

    Search the EEOC website (http://www.eeoc.gov) for recent discrimination charges and settlements involving Asian Americans. Briefly describe the details of the cases (e.g., who was involved, what happened, and what was the outcome)? Do you agree with the outcome? Why, or why not? Support your answer.

    Cause & Effect Diagram

    A large farm produces a number of vegetables for sale to the highest bidder (usually buyers who aggregate the produce from lots of small farms and sell the produce to grocery store chains). The farm is receiving complaints about the quality of its produce. More specifically, complaints are being received about the produce being

    Advisor to the Mayor

    Address the following concerns in a response to the mayor: What methods may be utilized to build effective teamwork relationships among city employees? How may the city's values and motives help build teamwork? Describe communication factors that must be considered, so leaders and stakeholders are in agreement with the wate

    Currency Depreciation of Foreign Exchange Markets

    Identify an event or policy that could cause a sharp depreciation of the dollar in foreign exchange markets (so possibly 0 domestic inflation but a loss of value in the foreign exchange markets). Here you will need to think in terms of something other than money supply or money supply driven inflation, so wars, natural disaster

    Workers with Disabilities and Aging Workers

    What similarities exist between perceptions about the competence of and performance expectations for workers with disabilities and older workers? How are the two groups' employment experiences similar? How are they different?

    Evaluation in Performance Management

    "For the final project, conduct research regarding the use of measurement and evaluation in performance management within a specific industry or organization. Explain how the concepts, methods, tools, and other topics covered throughout the course apply specifically to provide benefit for the chosen industry or organization. Be

    Leadership Skills and Management Strategies

    I need help with a paper about leadership Using Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience and The Future of Management as points of departure, this course has focused on understanding, evaluating, and applying concepts/practices that involve the following five elements: ● the individual leader ● followers ●

    501(c)(3) designation for a NPO

    Can you describe at least two strengths and two limitations of obtaining 501(c) (3) designation for a NPO? Would you provide specifics please? Also can you explain whether or not 501(c) (3) status would have an overall benefit for an NPO and why? References please. Thanks for your thoughts

    Queuing Theory on Operational Management

    You arrive at a movie theater only to notice that there's only one person selling tickets. Fortunately you have packed your jacket with enough candy to choke a horse and filled your camel back with "soda." You now must rely on your cunning knowledge of queuing theory to determine your chances of making the show before the ever

    Managing Innovation Within Organizations

    There is general agreement among researchers that teams are essential for innovation. Yet, companies often complain that teams do not seem to work well. Do you agree with the researchers or the companies? Explain your position.

    Dynamic Tension Between Perfectionism and Realism

    As organizations change, the goal of "perfection" becomes more challenging to achieve. There will probably always be a dynamic tension between perfection and realism within organizations so perhaps the issue is trying to close that gap as optimally as possible. Thoughts?

    Drivers for organizations

    Apart from the benefit to patients, what are some of the other drivers for organizations in health care to focus upon patient safety? Are there fiscal advantages from payers as well?

    End Of Course Self-Assessment

    I need brief comments on these answers: 1. Identify three concepts from your graduate course work that you found to be of significant value and explain how you plan to apply these concepts to your current position at work, a future position desired, or to your life. For me, the entire MBA/ Project management was signific

    Dispelling reverse discrimination

    Although "quotas" are generally illegal in the United States, many people believe that they are legal and common. Prepare an argument to dispel the idea of reverse discrimination. Base it on education, earnings, and representation in senior and executive management of White men, White women, Black men, and Black women.

    Quality management implemented at United States Postal Service

    Select a well-known company and a product or service that is produced by that company (be sure to avoid products that are simply purchased by the company and sold to the company's customers, which is often the case at many retail stores). • Provide a brief description of the company that you have selected and the product or s

    Mexican repatriation

    Research the repatriation of Mexicans during the 1930s. Write a minimum two-page paper discussing your findings. In your discussion, include the following, a. Reasons for the process of repatriation b. States most affected by repatriation c. Impact on the U.S. and Mexican economy d. Offer explanations on why the repatriatio

    industrial organization

    Discuss the I/O (industrial/organizational) approach in relation to competitive advantage. State your view of the merits of the external view versus the internal view of strategy.

    Organizational Analysis of Apple Inc.

    Organizational Analysis The purpose of this analysis (case study) is to create an opportunity to use the ideas and concepts discussed in the course in the analysis of a real organizational situation. The situation may be drawn from your experiences or if you are not working or do not have a frame of reference, you can research

    Business Financial Management

    Can you describe finance and budgeting situations/practices that could be positively impacted by technological solutions. Please provide a reference that I can review as well. Thanks