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    Splitting Tips or Splitting Hairs?

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    1.Evaluate Bill Myers' management style and his handling of the complaint from Lauren and her co-workers.
    2.Describe the workplace culture in the case and speculate about the ways male and female servers are treated.
    3.Based on the case and your experiences, state whether you believe that female bartenders have equal opportunities as male bartenders. Justify your answer and provide examples.
    4.Assess the steps you would have taken to resolve the situation if you were Lauren.
    5.Develop a plan to address the issues of fairness and "comparative worth" in the workplace to present to Bill Myers.
    6. Include two references in your report.

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    Step 1
    Bill Myer's management style is authoritarian. He has unilaterally rejected the complaint of Lauren and her co-workers. He has listened to Lauren's complaint but has refused to change the system of tips sharing. He has decided not to act on the complaint by Lauren and her co-workers. His handling of the complaint from Lauren and her co-workers is ineffective. He has outright refused the request of Lauren. This will have a negative effect on the morale of the waiters. This may negatively affect their productivity.

    Step 2
    The workplace culture favors the male servers. Even though the bartenders earn tips they keep the tips they get. On the other hand the women waiters are required ...

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