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Business Management

Five Functions of Management

Hello, I have a project due about the five basic functions of management and how they are used for internal analysis. I just need 200-300 words to get started.

Strategic Management

Hello, I have to write a paper that discusses whether it is possible to achieve competitive advantage without strategic management. I'm just looking for a couple hundred words to get started. Thanks,

Time Management and SMART goals

1. What is your time management plan to complete weekly assignments and participation goals? What specific days have you set aside for? 2. What is your time management plan to balance your academic, personal, and professional responsibilities? 3. Choose one of your weekly academic goals, such as completing weekly reading

Intercultural Management

What are the typical reasons behind cross-border alliances? What are some of the government influences that impact MNCs (Multi-National Corporations)?

Audit, Direct Costs, and Fraud

Part 1 - Here is the link for the DoD IG Handbook on Fraud Indicators for Contract Auditors. It has a 1993 date - but it seems to be the most recent version, as I got it directly from their website. Go to the Table of Contents (pg. 4) - check out the portions of the docu

USAA: Tushman Nadler Congruence Model Inputs

Please provide some information on the following using Nadler-Tushman: - Environment (factors for USAA) - Resources (internal factors for USAA) - Organizational history (USAA) - Strategy (USAA goals, objectives, and strategic initiatives)

Management Motivation and Emotional Intelligence

I need help answering these questions: 1. Identify several factors that you think would be particularly effective in motivating managers and professionals. Explain your reasoning. 2. What is emotional intelligence? Why does a leader to possess this trait, and not a take-charge individuals focused solely on getting results li

Inferior Goods and Substitute Goods

Supply and demand is developed. In this discussion you will focus on your personal, or family, demand for a product. Consider the products or services you or your family use on a regular basis. a) Provide and discuss an example of an inferior good, where your consumption decreases as your income increases. b) Provide a

Introductory Management Questions and Issues

1. There are four basic functions of management...planning, organizing, managing, and controlling. Rank order these in order from most important to least important them provide supporting narrative to justify your decision. 2. The culture of an organization has a tremendous effect on how the workers feel about their jobs.

Ethics and Social Justice

1.Can you explain the ethical or social justice issues in terms of philosophical theories? 2. How is diversity related to the social justice themes human rights, equality, liberty and justice?

Bottleneck method of scheduling production activities

A company makes four products that have the following characteristics: Product A sells for $50 but needs $10 of materials and $15 of labor to produce; Product B sells for $75 but needs $30 of materials and $15 of labor to produce; Product C sells for $100 but needs $50 of materials and $30 of labor to produce; Product D sells fo

How long does a senior citizen wait in line before being served?

The manager of a grocery store in the retirement community of Sunnyville is interested in providing good service to the senior citizens who shop in her store. Currently, the store has a separate checkout counter for senior citizens. On average, 25 senior citizens per hour arrive at the counter, according to a Poisson distributio

Calculate the utilization rate in the given case.

A production line that produces protein bars operates 7 days per week, with three 8-hour shifts per day. The line was designed to produce bars at a rate of 800 per hour. Last week the line produced 120,000 bars. What is the utilization of this production line?

Calculate the number of Kanban containers.

The Jewel Golf Club Company, which recently began using a Kanban system, has had problems with high inventory levels of one of the handle grips used to make several versions of its clubs. Daily demand for the grip is 3000 units, average waiting time during production is 0.20 day, processing time is 0.10 day per container, and a

Ethical and Social Issues in Management

The CEO You are the CEO of a midsize producer of a popular line of kitchen appliances and with the economic recession, you need to close some plants in China. You decide to close a plant in a region that will likely be very affected by the decision: most of the region's residents will lose their jobs and there is a high likeliho

The Role of the Administrator and Issues of Justice

What is the role of the administrator in rectifying justice issues such as health and safety? Also can you recommend at least one potential solution to this justice issue using the ethical decision-making model.

Company Evaluation

The assignment: Choose to examine a company where you work or have worked. Through interviews and research, explore how the structure and culture of a business interact with the company's strategy to create the level of success the company enjoys. Discuss your findings on each of the key elements we have discussed in this class

Strategic Quality Management

This is a discussion of question. The reference article is for the analysis, while typical article analysis is not applicable here, so please use it as supplementary material. Question: Use the article below to answer the following question. 1. How important is the concept of quality in strategy formulation? 2. Justify yo

Strategic Intent

Please assist with the following: 1. Compare and contrast "conventional strategic planning concepts" with those of "strategic intent thinking." 2. Please also discuss how the differences in conventional strategic planning and strategic intent thinking concepts can lead to better business strategy practice. Approx 3 to

Business Level Strategy & Industry Life Cycle

Please, I really need your help. Can you please help me with these sets of questions? Instructions with chart attached. Thanks in advance and I truly appreciate it. 1. Consider the following model of business level strategies: Low-Cost Leadership Differentiation Focused Low-Cost Leadership Focused Differentiati

Discussion of Performance Based Factors and Measures for Quality Assessment

Part 1 Please help with a paper about Performance Based Factors and Measures for Quality Assessment. Include the following in your paper: For any health care activity, three performance factors can be measured: structure, process, and outcome. Identify one structure measure, one process measure, and one outcome measure that co

Allocating shipping costs to a singular order

Rand Company sells fine collectible statues and has implemented activity-based costing. Costs in the shipping department have been divided into three cost pools. The first cost pool contains costs that are related to packaging and shipping and Rand has determined that the number of boxes shipped is an appropriate cost driver for

Overheads Allocation

Offshore Company makes two different types of boats sail and fishing boats. The company consists of two different departments, design & engineering, and production. The company has decided to allocate overhead costs in each of the two cost pools. Data on estimated overhead follows: Estimated Sail Fish Activity: Driver Ov

Measuring Quality

This is a short discussion, please offer some solution or hint with reference. No words limits, more or less both would be fine, thank you! Question: Here are examples of some of the conditions I encountered where measurement appeared to be a challenge to someone: • The quality of a training program • The quality of su

Unprofitable division sold and is immediately profitable to new owner: why?

A major manufacturer decided to put one of its divisions up for sale because managerial accounting information showed the components produced by this division is losing money. A group of employees in the division purchased it. Under the new ownership, the division immediately became profitable. A. Why do you think the divisio

Handling competitive situations in the workplace

How do you handle competition in the work place? Based on our free society and the level of quality of living that a person would like to achieve, how do you approach work place competition when it is "good" "friendly" competition and when it is "not good" and almost "evil" competition? Provide some tips on how to handle each co