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Business Management

Utilization Manager

For this assignment you are to interview a utilization manager, disease manager, or case manager at a local hospital or home health agency. Use your textbook (essentials managed health care) as a guide to develop a set of questions regarding the role of the person you are interviewing and investigate how he/she perceives the imp

Case Management and Disease Management

Discuss the difference between conventional case management and disease management (DM) and why it is more difficult to measure return on investment with DM. Why is measuring return on investment important?

Leadership and Management - Compare and Contrast

The four functions of Management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The three traditional roles of Management are interpersonal, informational, and decisional. While Management focuses on efficient use of resources, Leadership focuses on the organizations direction and purpose. In analyzing the connections betw

Sample Letter of Recommendation

If someone were to write a letter of recommendation for you to share in a job interview, what content do you think it would display? (Provide a detailed, sample draft).

Database System Design and Implementation

Defining data relationships is an important process during the database design. I need some help answering these questions: 1. Describe your idea for a database that includes at least four tables. 2. Explain the relationships between the tables. 3. How did you go about identifying the tables and the relationships? What pro

Arbiter and Union

Your firm has had a regular occurrence of formal grievances being filed, with some of them going to the very last step of arbitration. You want to make sure that Jane knows how this whole process works, and you draft a white paper to give her (and the CEO, for his reference) a road map of what actually happens. Your white paper

Employees, Union, Company Representatives and Grievances

As you are getting to know the kind of experience Jane has, you have been impressed with the focus she has on informally mediating disputes and helping supervisory/employee disagreements in her past experience. You know that rather than an informal discussion and consensus building that may have worked for her in the past, in yo

Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution: A Specific Case

I need help with help with notes, ideas, and research on this assignment. Discuss the use of arbitration or mediation if the negotiation between the Wilsons and Greens reaches an impasse. Should they consider arbitration or mediation to resolve their differences? Why or why not? Analyze other hybrid forms of alternative di

Social Media Use in Business

Does the availability and use of social media on the internet really provide businesses with new and different useful information If so how? If not why?

Organizational Uncertainty

Consider Eastman Kodak and their organization in the face of uncertainty. - Briefly describe the organization as well as the changes and challenges facing it. - What kinds of organization behaviors could be implemented in response to these change based opportunities? - Recommend the course of action you believe would be bes

Communicating Policy Change: Best Practices

Stakeholders must be aware of the changes that affect them and the way in which policies are created. What are some ways in which your department informs stakeholders of any upcoming changes to policies that may take place? Are these methods effective? What could be done to improve this process?

Scenario Assessment

The Case of Joe the Jerk (Or, the Very Capable Jerk). Write a response from Joan's perspective outlining the best ways to address her dilemma with Joe. Include the following: Evaluate how Joan has utilized her role to ensure that lower-level management upholds their position in creating a positive environment. In what ways

Cross Cultural Business

Please discuss the cause and effect of events where international businesses, like General Motors and General Electric have made an impact on local markets. Focus particularly on the automobile industry.

Managed Health Care and Physicians' Turnover

American Medical Group Association (AMGA). (2011, April 18). Briefly summarize the article and its key points, and analyze the article in relationship to the information in text (Managed Care & Health Insurance). Find at least one peer-reviewed article that supports or refutes the discussion and include this in your analysis.

Time Series Forecasting Methods

The scenario we will be using is attached; Your Director of Supply Chain needs help in developing forecasts. Choose one of the following three options. 1.Develop forecasts for periods 6 through 24 using moving average with 3 periods, 4 periods, and 5 periods, or... 2.Develop forecasts for periods 3 through 24 using a smoo

Clinical Decision Support systems for Evidence Based Medicine

Read Case Study #2 The Clinical Reminder System, found in your textbook. ADAPTIVE (Health Management Information Systems) Then complete the following components: 1.Define the major components of a Clinical Decision-Support System. 2.Based on an analysis of evidence-based medicine, describe how computerized systems can

Labor Relations Legislation and Supreme Court Rulings

I have the slides taken care of already just need some the rest; In your role as VP of human resources, you have been involved in a number of suits brought on by the union; some you have won in front of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and some you have lost. Because it is time for the annual factory supervisory m

Globalisation and its impact on USA

1.Is globalization good or bad for USA? Review the following websites that explain different views promoted by each interest group. Answer the question with your original thoughts on the question. Use the websites and additional research to substantiate your answer. BBC News: Globalization The Unhappy Pla

Integrated Health Management Information System Components

List the five major components of integrated health management information systems. Discuss which component deserves the most attention in today's health information technology environment and why. Provide specific examples of each component in the context of your work.

Regional Health Information Networks

In the 1990s, community health information networks (CHIN) flourished. By the early 2000s, these technology-enabled models were termed health information networks. Compare these networks to Regional Health Information Networks (RHINs) on the level of service provided, consumer influence, and health administration.

Media Theoretical Framework

800 words develop and discuss the beginnings of your own such theoretical framework, including answers to the following questions: •What approaches or lenses do you bring to thinking about and evaluating media? •Which approaches or lenses do you think you should call into question? •Which theoretical/historical persp

Hold Harmless Clause

Discuss the importance of the "hold harmless" clause in managed care contracts and the impact of this clause, if any, on the delivery of quality patient care.

Artful Negotiation

Review the Learning Exercise: Unhappy Co-Owners and address the following: a. Assuming your Best Alternative to a Negotiating Agreement (BATNA) is letting a court sell the property, discuss how it may help you reach an agreement. Recommend other strategies that you could use to accomplish a successful negotiation. b. Disc

Personal worldview and Research Mindset

Have you ever heard the expression that someone is "right-brained" or "left-brained"? This notion implies that there are multiple ways of viewing the world or of perceiving reality. How you perceive the world may influence your thinking and perspective in ways that go beyond the obvious. For a researcher, it is critical to recog

Operations Management - Push and Pull System

Your boss (Pisional VP) has just tasked you to provide him with your current best guess regarding the following items: Where are the opportunities to reduce finished goods inventories while maintaining (or improving) your current customer service levels? As the operations manager, how are your responsibilities tied into

Business Boiled Frog Phenomenon Case

1. Did the author explain the business boiled frog phenomenon case in a manner that you agree or disagree with? 2. Are there unanswered questions? 3. Can you add to the posts with more value added information? The following text will identify the "Boiling Frog" phenomenon often used in business as a metaphor for individua