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Business Management

Evaluation in Performance Management

"For the final project, conduct research regarding the use of measurement and evaluation in performance management within a specific industry or organization. Explain how the concepts, methods, tools, and other topics covered throughout the course apply specifically to provide benefit for the chosen industry or organization. Be

Leadership Skills and Management Strategies

I need help with a paper about leadership Using Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience and The Future of Management as points of departure, this course has focused on understanding, evaluating, and applying concepts/practices that involve the following five elements: ● the individual leader ● followers ●

501(c)(3) designation for a NPO

Can you describe at least two strengths and two limitations of obtaining 501(c) (3) designation for a NPO? Would you provide specifics please? Also can you explain whether or not 501(c) (3) status would have an overall benefit for an NPO and why? References please. Thanks for your thoughts

Queuing Theory on Operational Management

You arrive at a movie theater only to notice that there's only one person selling tickets. Fortunately you have packed your jacket with enough candy to choke a horse and filled your camel back with "soda." You now must rely on your cunning knowledge of queuing theory to determine your chances of making the show before the ever

End Of Course Self-Assessment

I need brief comments on these answers: 1. Identify three concepts from your graduate course work that you found to be of significant value and explain how you plan to apply these concepts to your current position at work, a future position desired, or to your life. For me, the entire MBA/ Project management was signific

Dispelling reverse discrimination

Although "quotas" are generally illegal in the United States, many people believe that they are legal and common. Prepare an argument to dispel the idea of reverse discrimination. Base it on education, earnings, and representation in senior and executive management of White men, White women, Black men, and Black women.

Quality management implemented at United States Postal Service

Select a well-known company and a product or service that is produced by that company (be sure to avoid products that are simply purchased by the company and sold to the company's customers, which is often the case at many retail stores). • Provide a brief description of the company that you have selected and the product or s

Mexican repatriation

Research the repatriation of Mexicans during the 1930s. Write a minimum two-page paper discussing your findings. In your discussion, include the following, a. Reasons for the process of repatriation b. States most affected by repatriation c. Impact on the U.S. and Mexican economy d. Offer explanations on why the repatriatio

industrial organization

Discuss the I/O (industrial/organizational) approach in relation to competitive advantage. State your view of the merits of the external view versus the internal view of strategy.

Organizational Analysis of Apple Inc.

Organizational Analysis The purpose of this analysis (case study) is to create an opportunity to use the ideas and concepts discussed in the course in the analysis of a real organizational situation. The situation may be drawn from your experiences or if you are not working or do not have a frame of reference, you can research

Governmental Motivation to Seek Improvement

In one of my Public Administration classes, the professor reacted violently to one of my classmates' comment about citizens being "customers" of government agencies. His point was that no part of the process between a government agency and a citizen looks anything like the relationship between a private buyer and seller of goods

Quality Management Using Statistical Process

I need some help in creating an excel spreadsheet on this problem. Packages of a particular instant dry food are filled by a machine and weighed. The weights (in ounces) for 15 successive packages have been collected and are displayed in the table below. The engineer wishes to determine whether the filling process is indeed in c

Business Excellence or Total Quality Management

I need help with analyzing this case study and answering questions: • Please take a look the case study first (just read, no need to make analysis, download from the link at below) • Make an analysis of the article from another PDF file attache

Conflict Management of Union Contracts

You are the new HR Director (you have now been in this position for five weeks). Issue: The CEO has just informed you that the university board of trustees has elected to outsource its internal printing department (50 employees (4 supervisory and 46 union}) as well as the food services staff (120 employees {20 supervisory

Management Structure and Business Cost Controls

Besides sales and expenses, identify five other important control measures for a business. Include at least one non-financial measure. Suppose a company at which executives were rewarded for meeting targets based only on profits and stock price switches to a balanced scorecard that adds measures for customer satisfaction, emp

Steps in Preventing Stress

It is important to identify key triggers for stress in your life. What are some critical steps you can take to alleviate unwarranted stress in your daily routine, or proactively conquer reoccurring stressors?

Multicultural management

Analysis of the Field What is your analysis of the state of the field of multicultural management? Describe important issues or current dilemmas in the field. Research Topic State and provide background information for your research topic. What are the current theories and areas of debate for your topic? Are there particula

Board of Director's Duties/ Sarbanes-Oxley Act & Repercussions

300 words each question with references 1. What are the responsibilities of the board of directors? Please provide an example of a board of directors that did not meet its responsibilities. 2. Explain the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and its impact on corporate governance. How has it Changed the way we do business in the United St

Planning for goals and benchmarking

You are the chief executive officer (CEO) of a fortune 500 company. As the CEO, you are responsible for establishing benchmarks or performance goals for your organization. As an outstanding CEO, you decide to seek feedback from your top senior managers as to which method to use to establish the upcoming year's goals. Steve who i

Contract creation and management simulation

Please read the transcript and complete the contract creation. Then both, the transcript and the contract creation to answer the question below. 1. Write responses to the decision points embedded in the simulation.

Legal and policy issues that managers and leaders face

- Reflect on the different legal and policy issues that managers and leaders face on a daily basis. Remember to address the global component of these. - Discuss the importance of governance in enabling leaders and managers to make the right decision in the right way and for the right reasons. - Reflect on the importance of lea

Public Sector Organizations

Identify the challenges public sector organizations face when designing and implementing total quality management strategies Question 1. What are the special issues facing public sector organizations when it comes to designing and implementing a business improvement strategy? 2. Give some real time examples.

Operations Management and Practical Prioblems

SAMPLE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT QUESTIONS WITH PRACTICAL PROBLEMS 1. Average job completion time is: a. total processing time divided by the number of jobs. b. total flow time divided by the number of jobs c. total flow time divided by total processing time. d. total flow time minus total late time. 2. Work center loa

Societal change in the United States

I need help with the following: Answer the following questions regarding social change: How do you think life in the United States will change in the next 10 years? How might the Internet be involved in the changes? How do you think sociologists might use the Internet to study life in the United States? Name 3 specific w

System Feedback Loops

Identify one Balancing Loop and one Reinforcing Loop. These feedback loops should be critical to Whole Foods Market's performance and success. You should have a good idea of what these are from your previous analysis. Explain each one of these loops - what are the causal factors and how do they affect each other. For the Reinfor

Airline industry Management

•How has airline travel changed in the last decade? •How have the attitudes of both the internal and external customers changed? •What impact do these attitudes have on the business? •How could airline management change the negative impression of the industry? •What are some ways airline management could build succ

time restraint need some help

You know from your prior experience that moving to lean manufacturing (or demand-based manufacturing) can generate not only profitability improvements but also improvements in asset requirements (inventory reduction). Based on this, you wanted to let the Global Supply Chain Manager and her purchasing department know about the ki

need some help still on time restraint

The CFO thought it might be of benefit to the entire senior staff, for you to share your thoughts on the pros and cons of lean manufacturing, as well as how the firm's existing MRP system may help or hinder moving to this kind of manufacturing methodology. At the next weekly managers' meeting, he asked you to explain the follo