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Lack of an Ethical Framework used by Management

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Who cares about our ethical concepts and research in real life, how would you respond to a manager who informs you that they have enough on their plate to deal with already (tardiness, budget constraints, bad attitudes, complaints, mistakes, etc.) and they do not need to "broaden the scope" of their viewpoints to include ethical concerns. If a manager (i.e., Hammer) tells you that they see no reason why they should bother to consider the ethical framework of their decisions because they already have a job to do, how would you respond? So they are unethical, so what (i.e., what are the consequences)?

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All employees, managers and others involved with every organization should be held accountable for ethical behavior which includes making decisions based upon a sound ethical framework. If a manager has a poor attitude towards employees, a discussion needs to take place between the ...

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This solution discusses the potential consequences involved when management refuses to use an ethical framework for managerial decision-making purposes.