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    Ethical Decision Making Solution

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    Write a 350- to 700-word summary.
    Include the following in your summary:
    Discuss an event in which you had to make an ethical decision.
    Identify at least two ethical theories that support your decision.
    Discuss the problem-solving methodologies you used to resolve the issue.
    Identify how ethical theories impact professional or personal decision making

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    Ethical Decision Solution
    The ethical question by an HIV positive child
    This is a case of an 11 year old Child who was brought by a guardian to my clinic to collect a refill of their antiretroviral medicines. As I prepared his medicines, he asked me the following questions:
    1. I have seen on TV that these medicines are used by people with AIDS. Does it mean that I have AIDS?
    2. I am tired of taking these medicines; will you read on my cards and tell me when I will stop taking them because I am not sick?
    The guardian asked to meet with me in the other room away from the child and she told me that:
    1. Both of the child's parents had died of HIV/AIDS but the child did not know this. The child was left in her care.
    2. The Chid was HIV positive but had not yet been informed
    3. She as the guardian did not believe that the child should be told as it conflicts with her religion.

    1. What is the ethical dilemma here?
    1.1. Ethical dilemmas are situations where values, principles or moral imperatives come into conflict. The ethical dilemma in this case is that although a child is HIV positive (diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition), the guardian with primary custody has not disclosed to the child and has not given consent for the information to be shared with the child who has now started asking questions as this conflicts with her religious beliefs.
    2. Ethical Theories-Background
    2.1. Morality refers to the practice of deciding what is right or wrong while Ethics refers to understanding and exploring morality (UKCEN )
    2.2. The criteria used to judge decision making in an ethical situation is referred to as an ethical ...

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    Ethical theories guide healthcare professionals in making decisions on ethical dilemmas that confront them on a day to day basis in clinical practice.
    This solution which is in point form provides an example of an ethical question that was raised in a clinic and goes further to illustrate how ethical theories are used including methodologies that the student can learn for use in such ethical decision making.
    References have been included for futher reading.