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Object oriented applications

Consider the entities in your room and develop a class. What would that class look like? Include at least two attributes, data types, and two methods. How did you decide on the data types? What type of applications might be able to use your class? Would you want your methods to require parameters or not? Explain why.

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I have outlined a response. Data types and attributes was kind of unclear in my mind, so check where I put things to make sure.

Class would be Living room

For the Living room I have furniture, accessories, walls and floors

Types of furniture would be functional, or chairs, entertainment center, sofa, tables. Decorative types might be a free standing globe or planter. There is also a free standing electric fireplace.
Accessory data types are the lamps, all decorations, pictures, pillows, and knick knacks. Another data type ...

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A review of a living room and the class, data types, parameters use, attributes of the objects in the room.