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    Business Management

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    Ops Management

    1. Which one of the following is NOT an assumption of the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model? a. Quantity discounts can be taken advantage of for large lot sizes. b. The amount of an order received is exactly equal to what was ordered, without any short shipments from a supplier or scrap losses in the shop. c. Decisio

    time restraint need some help please

    The role of management in a plant operation for a publicly held company is a balancing act. There are three groups that must be satisfied, and each is constantly demanding attention. The three groups are as follows: Customers Employees Shareholders Normally, the customer is always right. Should the shareholders be ignored

    Business Process Benefits and an Example

    Describe one or more key business process in an organization to include why they are important. Identify the main integration points between and among processes. i.e. provide an example of how the process described above integrated with others.

    Important Factors in Quality Management

    Quality can have many different meanings and definitions, depending on the subject matter that is being discussed. After investigating the many facets of quality, respond to the following: •Define quality in terms of what it means for a product to have high quality. •Define quality in terms of what a customer's perception

    Project Management Success

    Reflect on the past eight weeks and on the St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility case study. Then: ◦Look back on your work on the St. Dismas case study, and create a list of lessons learned. What went well during the development of the project plan? Is there anything you would have done differently? ◦Reflect on your perso

    Classifying Structure

    Good evening, Looking for a few example (names of organizations) for the following structues; simple structure configuration, machine bureaucracy, professional bureacracy, divisional, and adhocracy and why they fall into these categories. This will help me understand the various types of structure and how it relates to organ

    Fleet Management Plan

    Hi I am working on project Fleet Management Strategy for next five year. I have contacted few suppliers to find what they can offer for Fleet management plan or strategy for next five years.... As the supplier mentioned to provide in total fleet economics... so a plan or strategy that attempts to optimize cost of ownership (

    Operations Management Inventory Calculations

    Please show your calculations and always round answers to FOUR decimal place. An appliance store carries a certain brand of TV which has he following characteristics: Average daily demand 2 units Ordering cost $25 per order Carrying Cost 35% of unit cost per year Unit cost $400 per unit Average Lead time 4 days St

    Role of Software in Project Management

    What is the role of software in project management? 100 words will be suffice and please provide two sources so that I may review for continued studies. Thanks.

    Can anyone be a leader?

    Many professional development courses are available for building leadership skills and competencies. Courses differ substantially, but most presuppose that leadership can be taught or developed within a person. Based on your readings is this presupposition valid? On what you know of your peers and the leaders you consider great?

    Cohesion and Effectiveness: Success in an Organization

    The relationship between cohesion and effectiveness is particularly strong when the work of the team is complex and requires high levels of communication and mutual performance. Describe how cohesion and effectiveness play a significant role in the success of the organization.

    The Differences Between Leadership and Management

    Many people, even those well acquainted with the two concepts, confuse management and leadership. Some argue that management is simply a skill that a leader may or may not possess. Others depict leadership as enlightened management, stating that management is doing the correct things. Leadership is doing the right things. From y

    Analyzing Object Oriented Applications

    Arrays and control structures are valuable tools when programming. An array contains a number of variables all being the same data type. Control structures such as selection and repetition constructs enable programmers to define variations in program flow depending upon certain conditions which may even involve repeating stateme

    Virtual Teams

    APA format. (Use Blooms Taxonomy) I need an better understanding of the subject....argumentative writing 1) Analyze the challenges of leading a virtual team? (The top challenges of today) 2) Evaluate virtual team learning tools used by leaders to enhance communication and productivity of virtual teams? 3) Evaluate vir

    time restraint need some help please

    As part of the educational process of the production team, it is important for them to understand the importance of monitoring outcomes and initiating corrective action before sending inferior products to the market. Complete the following: Why is it important to monitor outcomes and initiate corrective action? What problems

    time restraint need some help please

    The operations manager has asked you to assist in determining the company's operational effectiveness and efficiency. The organization has made a decision to use the balanced scorecard as the tool to measure key performance indicators. Content should include the following: Discuss how each section of the balanced scorecard c

    time restraint need some help please

    The operational department of FlyMeAway airlines just contracted you as a consultant. The organization is seeking ways to improve its operations, which are located within the United States. The company has no international flights. Describe 1 technique that you would recommend to the organization to improve productivity. What

    Value innovation sources

    I am doing a paper on Microsoft. I have tell how the company has been part of disruptive innovation, how the company has improved on products that has helped stop disruptive innovation by other companies. I also have to show value innovation on products that has helped increase profits in some way.

    Team-Based Organizations

    What are some popular Fortune 500 team-based organizations? Would Proctor & Gamble be a consideration? Give an example of a team-based organization. Explain.

    Discussing Inventory Policies

    (Got the flow chart about done) need help with the document running out of time to work on it...? The ABC Shoe Company wants to use supply chain management to help move the product (running shoes) through production and on to customers. Your boss asked you to set up a supply-chain management flowchart to determine inventory qua

    Global Business Management

    Read the below closing case. Prepare a response to the following questions: - GM entered the Chinese market at a time when demand was very limited. Why? What was the strategic rational? - Why did GM enter through a joint venture with SAIC? What are the benefits of this approach? What are the potential risks here? - Why did GM

    Infographics and Their Fallacies

    Give an example that use infographic to argue a claim, note any psychological tactics and rhetorical devices used by the writer to persuade the audience. 1- explain why your specific example is fallacious and employs incomplete reasoning, psychological tactics, or other omitted information to (mis)inform the readers. Finally

    time restraint need some help revised again

    As part of the educational process of the senior management team, you must create a workforce schedule method for scheduling the operations of the manufacturing of the running shoe. Research different types of methods for operations scheduling (demand, workforce and operations), and construct a report for the president of the c

    Strategic management and business policy

    1. In terms of strategic management, how does a new venture's situation differ from that of an ongoing small company? 2. How should a small entrepreneurial company engage in environmental scanning? To what aspects of the environment should management pay most attention? 3. What are the characteristics of an attractive indu