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Business Management

Source of Revenue: Viability

Source of Revenue: Viability Use the balance sheet and statement of income you downloaded for Ascension Health a nonprofit, religious-based healthcare system, from &id=45&Itemid=160. Download and review the financial statements of HCA, Inc., a for-pro

Lower-level management and comprehensive analysis of management

Using APA style and references, please respond (min 250 words) to the following question. How is lower-level management analysis different from comprehensive analysis of management? Is the latter approach suitable for an organization focusing on increasing productivity by concentrating on the "one best way" to perform a tas

Strategic Management: Benefits and Risks

1) Discuss in scholarly detail the purpose of a business strategy and expand on these concepts, discussing a differentiation business strategy. Based on this strategies, how could an organization be a late mover and yet succeed with a strategy of differentiation? Why? Give examples. 2) Discuss in scholarly detail the newest

Decision Traps & Pitfalls

Read the "decision traps" and fixes listed below and share your personal experiences in dealing with or overcoming them. (500 WORDS) Traps Fixes 1. Framing Plunging In--Beginning to gather information and reach conclusions without first taking a few minutes to think about the crux of the issue you're facing or to thi

Management Theory and Practice

Please original help Select one of the management theories in the textbook, explain the elements that are the foundation of the management theory you selected, and how the theory identifies the roles and skills of the manager. Additionally, describe three management skills necessary for the effective management of an organiza

Mary Kay Ash & Anita Roddick: Case Study- lots of information!

1. Compare and contrast Mary Kay Ash and Anita Roddick as managers and as leaders. 2. Explain what the achievement of both women says about women in general. 3. Analyze the following quote from Mary Kay Ash and demonstrate its relevance to a successful business: "People are definitely a company's greatest asset. It doesn'

Three Levels of Management

Imagine yourself as the executive manager of an organization. You are responsible for establishing the three levels of management and how each level functions in the organization. One of the executive board members does not agree with having three levels of management. How would you justify to the executive board that three leve

Forecasting for Distribution Firms

I need help with the following assignment. Here's the background. Note: The company EBBD stands for Excellent Beverage & Beer Distributors and they are beer distributors so the help show be garnered toward that. EBBD EMAIL - for Internal Use Only To: You From: Danny Wilco <> Subject: Re: Forecasting at

Structural framework models

Lets say that our company is interested in better understanding its available options for organizing its customer-facing projects. Research a software framework that includes waterfall, prototyping, agile, extreme programming etc Research your framework(s). •What elements are common? •What elements differ? •Using th

Online Advertising Industry Analysis

Help me with doing research on industries: - Please provide a proposal - Please provide a description of the industry (any selected) using Porters Five Model - Naics code and description of the industry selected - Country level information: Current size of the industry in terms of revenues, evolution of the industry's reven

Factors affecting pay rate

Just looking for a few paragraphs to get a discussion going: What are some reasons employees in the same job title or pay grade could have different pay rates? Illustrate your reasons with examples. (Be sure to support your responses with appropriate material from readings or websites.) Review the Pay Factors (below) we us

Management Rights

Management rights are a key component of the collective bargaining agreement. • Define the concept of management rights. • If you were a top manager engaged in contract bargaining with a union, would you follow the residual theory or the trusteeship theory of management rights? Give reasons for your choice. • What wo

Organizational Management Categories

I need help a creating an organizational recommendation based on these categories/areas: Reward and performance practices.... Decision-making... Conflict resolution.... Leadership and organizational structure.... Organizational culture and change..... 1000 words/more with references.....please.

Innovative Digital Media Practices

Choose an especially well-designed social justice or political web site. Identify and locate on the site two examples of especially effective, innovative digital media practices. Discuss: 1) Why the practices are effective and innovative, incorporating a theoretical/historical perspective in your analysis, 2) Implication

HMIS and End User involvement

Why is end-user involvement important in health management information systems implementation? How can end users be more involved in the process?

Regulatory System: Managed Care

Compare and contrast different methods to create a seamless regulatory system for all managed care organizations. Discuss which method you feel would be most effective and why.

Global Child Labor Issues

Hi, I need some help with the following - I am gathering information on Child Labor in Global Production. I am looking for leads on good articles, past or current high publicity cases. Your opinion, your insights, facts, solutions, details, etc. would all be appreciated.

Insurance Matters in Special Markets

You have recently hired new staff members in your admissions and business office. Some of these staff members do not understand insurance matters in special markets. Create a table that compares and contrasts Medicare, Medicaid, and the Military Managed Care Health Systems. Begin by writing a brief explanation of your table, inc

Top-Down Management Ethical Concerns

I need help processing this: A new team of management has taken over. As a result, organizational changes from a country-club style leadership where everyone does whatever they want has changed to a more mechanistic, structured, top-down management style. What ethical issues should the employees consider and how should they go

Media Influence on the Workplace

Analyze the implications of new media influence on how work is conducted and how management of the work may or may not be impacted. Discuss the implications of commerce in discussing the "new workplace." Please draw on your readings and as well as your experience.

Regulations vs. the Free Market

U.S. businesses spend billions and billions of dollars each year for governmental compliance. Are we over regulating ourselves too heavily? Is it possible to achieve a balance between making a profit and not causing damage to the environment, the general public, or to ensure fairness in hiring and housing and a host of other iss

Three Management Needs: Dominance, Achievement and Affiliation

All managers have individual patterns of needs that center around exercising power (dominance), orienting themselves to tasks (achievement), and relating to their colleagues (affiliation). These needs are clearly essential not just to how the work gets done, but to how managers view their roles and themselves as leaders. And lik

First Mover Last Mover Theories

Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of the first mover and the last mover theories. Provide an unbiased comparison of the two theories. - Identify at least four advantages and four disadvantages for each theory and comprehensively show how each advantage or disadvantage affects the use of that theory (a minimum of 16