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    Figuring Waiting Times

    A-On average 2 customers arrive per hour at a Foto-Mat to process film. There is one clerk in attendance that on average spends 15 minutes per customer. 1. What is the average queue length and average number of customers in the system? 2. What is the average waiting time in queue and average time spent in the system? 3. Wh

    demand and supply

    Question 1 Suppose demand and supply are given by Qd = 14 -1/2P and Qs = 1/4P - 1. a. What are the equilibrium quantity and price in this market? Show your work? Hint: 1. Draw the demand and supply graph and label all initial points ( D0, S0, P0, E0), following the use of comparative statics given your text on pages 62-65)

    Improving Four Steps of Decision-Making

    Provided below are the four steps that I somewhat understand: 1. Review the standards set in the planning process. 2. Measure performance at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. 3. Compare performance outcomes with the standards that were set. 4. Make a decision: - Successful performance should be rewarded.

    Discussion on Customer Loyalty, Gen X, Y, Z, and More

    Discussion 1 * Do you think it is possible to keep customers that want a company to honor their request over the company's policies? Is it possible to instill loyalty to a brand? Why or why not? * Are customers that try to take advantage of store policies for returns etc.; actually worth keeping loyal in the long run? Why

    Strategic Management: Hotel Escargo

    You are now ready to present to hotel management a process improvement in the areas of focus (check-in, check-out, and hotel offerings). Individual portion: 1. Using process mapping and reviewing the information here, present to management the new processes for check-in and check-out. 2. Pick one hotel offering and

    Functions of management in personal life.

    In layman's terms please explain how the five functions of management can be related to everyday life. How can the five functions of management help in one's personal life? Also, how can these concepts make an individual into a better leader?

    Managing Responsibility

    Solution explores the article, "Managing Responsibility: What Can Be Learned From the Quality Movement?" By: Sandra Waddock and Charles Bodwell. The following questions are discussed in light of the article: - What does this article tell us about quality and responsibility management and how we can integrate this into organi

    Comparative Statics - Supply & Demand Curves

    Question 1 The X-corporation produces a good (called X) that is a normal good. Its competitor, Y-Corpor., makes a substitute good that it markets under the name "Y." Good Y is an inferior good. a. How will the demand for good X change if consumer incomes decrease? Hint: Draw the original values for the demand and supply curve

    Market Demand and Consumer Surplus, Shifting vs. Movement

    Could you please help with these problems involving the market demand curve. 1. The market demand curve for a product always slopes downward to the right. Yes or no? Explain. 2. Is there a difference between a movement along a demand curve and the shift of the demand curve? Yes or no? Explain. 3. Why are managers intere

    Object-Oriented Applications

    Data abstraction, inheritance, and composition are Java concepts. Can you Choose one and explain it in your own words. Discuss why you think the concept is useful for a programmer. Develop your own unique example to demonstrate how you would use the concept. Include code that clearly illustrates the selected concept.

    Project management with global teams

    As we both know Labor (human resources) is often the most costly and unpredictable resource required by projects. Skilled labor and knowledge workers are far from being fungible resources because individual skill sets, personal resources, and temperaments differ significantly. This is a serious problem for project planners. The

    Purchasing and Supply Management Response

    Essay Question 2: You are part of an Acquisition program for a major government organization. Due to the trend in the recent economy, all government organizations have seen a steep decline in future budgets. As such, the director has stated that all future program acquisitions must have low cost as the number one Priority.

    Purchasing and Supply Management Scenario

    Essay Question 1: You have been the director of supply for a small company for about a year. During that time you have watched your peers at similar companies receive raises while your salary has stayed the same. Knowing that the CEO of your company values data and impact, you decide to provide her an assessment of your posi

    4 Types of Corporations

    What are the four types of corporations? What makes each corporation different? What are advantages and disadvantages to the most common form of corporation?

    Risk, innovation and accountability in health professionals

    Please help me with these two questions: 1) How can leaders hold health professionals and employees accountable for personal and organizational performance, yet still encourage them to try innovative ideas and take sensible risks to improve, quality, safety, and efficiency? 2) Organizational leadership requires an atmosphe

    Essential Inventory Management

    INVENTORY MANAGEMENT CASE ASSIGNEMNT Then in a 3-4 page paper discussing this question. Be sure to use additional articles and resources to support your arguments. Is VMI a valid method for reducing the BWE? How does it compare to other inventory management methods for reducing the BWE? What conclusions can you draw? Use

    Office Relationship Analysis

    Do you believe the potential rewards for office outweigh the potential risk? As a leader would you encourage or discourage these types of relationships?

    Complex theorists and Organizational Activities

    Complex theorists advise organizational leaders to abandon command and control styles of management and instead set global performance targets and establish a few simple rules. This approach can unleash creativity and innovation, but it can also promote conflict and waste. How can managers let go of control, yet still ensure tha

    Interpendence and Organization's Flow of Work

    Interdependence recognizes the need for different teams of an organization to function together. The most critical issue is how to make the flows of work among organizational teams achieve the central goals of the organization. From your perspective what are some of the recommendations that could be developed to achieve this goa

    Turnover and Teams

    One feature of the teams is frequent turnover among team members. How might turnover among team members affect team performance? What approaches can team leaders take to minimize potential negative impacts of turnover and gain advantages, if any?

    Corporate Social Responsibilities

    Write about how each of the articles covers the relational aspect of the stakeholder association with business. Are the articles similar or different? What would you take from each of these articles and bring to your organization? Provide examples and research to support your thinking. Articles: New Balance: Developing an