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Business Management

Business Strategy within the Global Market

1. Explain the extent to which large versus new and emerging companies contribute to all innovations and to radical innovations. 2. What role has venture capital played in this economic transformation? 3. Define the seven major themes that characterize the mind-sets, attitudes, and actions of a successful entrepreneur? Wh

Richard Branson's Leadership Style

1. Assess the key elements of Richard Branson's leadership style and the impact that those elements have had on his business success. Provide support for your rationale. 2. Given that The Virgin Group has been described as a fast-growing entrepreneurial company with many facets to the group, suggest how the unique aspects of R

Wal-Mart: Germany Failure

Provided below is an article link describing Wal-Mart failure in Germany. Do you think that culture had a direct impact on the success/failure from organizational change? Is there anything they could have done to prevent the problems that arose? Explain why.

Plotting Data

Please see attachment for data. a.) Plot the data in the attachment on a graph. Do you observe any trend, cycles, or random variations? b.) Starting in year 4 and going to year 12, forecast demand using a 3-year moving average. Plot your forecast on the same graph as the original data. c.) Starting in year 4 and going to y

Building Customer Partnerships Through Employee Empowerment

How does employee empowerment help in building partnerships between the company (Lets say Google and Starbucks) and their customers? Can you explain how/why? This will allow me to better understand with regards to an Internet based corporation and that of a product base company.

Southwest Airlines Mission and Strategy

Provide an example of a mission statement and corporate strategy. This can come from any public, private, or non-profit organization. Describe how the strategy is evident in the culture of the organization via its actions. Does the strategy mesh well with the mission and vice-versa? If not, how might you apply alternative stra

How Much To Order

The steak and Chop Butcher Shop purchase steak from a local meatpacking house. The meat is purchased on Monday at $2.00 per pound, and the shop sells the steak for $3.00 per pound. Any steak left over at the end of the week is sold to a local zoo for $.50 per pound. The possible demands for steak and the probability of each are

Risk & Risk Strategies

*What is the definition of risk? *What misconceptions might exist when using the term risk? What is the difference between a domestic risk strategy and a risk strategy that takes a global approach? In the response, consider whether U.S. multinational entities should merely opt for a global posture in their risk strategy. *

Sustainable supply chain management

Please respond to the following questions: 1. Indicate specific areas of research in a sustainable supply chain that would prove beneficial. 2. What potential impact might a sustainable supply chain have on the overall state of the field and the future directions of global supply chain management research in the next 3-5

Failure to Change

As I have learned, organizational change is not always successful. For example: Block buster was a home video store (my opinion) that was unable to recognize change, implement short-term fix approach. Are there any other areas that may have led to its demise? Would the five pillars: leadership, strategy, culture, structure, a

Fingerprinting for Food Stamps in New York City

Listen to the National Public Radio Podcast about the Clash over fingerprinting for food stamps. Managers use decision models to assist with decision-making. However, as you know, identifying the correct problem is not always easy and is often the hardest part of the process. Symptoms, opinions of others, and irrelevant dat

Demand Analysis Briefing and Marketing Campaign

You are the director of marketing for a regional hospital. The board of directors at your hospital has studied the 2011 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies. The alarming statistics quoted in the IOM report stated that "almost 10 percent of infants and toddlers carry excess weight for th

Personal Experience in Organizational Change

Can someone explain their own experiences when it came to organizational change, in addition how did this impact you and the organization. Looking back, how could the leadership have done things differently in order to make the transition more successful?

Organizational Change Tools

Please help with the following problem: As I understand tools to organizational change, when leaders implement planned changes, they usually do not fully know exactly where they are going even when there were clear and concise instructions to meet the organizations future end state. As I understand the some of the disadvant

Apple's Fate Under Cook

With the loss of Steve Jobs, will there be an impact on Apple's primary stakeholder groups: customers, and employees? In you personal opinion, do you think Tim Cook's leadership will change Apple? If so/not explain?

Leadership & Industry Problems

Leadership theories have common threads or components that connect them with each other; hence, this is why many leaders find themselves adopting several varied styles or find it appropriate to select a component of one theory to address one problem and yet another component of a different theory to address another problem. What

Effective Utilization of Organizational Change Models

There are many various change models an organization can use to help point out some aspects of organizational activities that require attention. What are some other uses of organizational models? Explain if so, or if not?

Samsung Management Style

1. Evaluate two (2) key changes in the Samsung's management style from the company's inception to the current day. Indicate whether or not you believe the company is properly managed today. Provide support for your position. 2. Explain senior management's role in preparing the organization for its most recent change. Provide e

Supportive Communication

Read the following scenarios and discuss how you would handle each situation. Pay particular attention to the eight attributes of supportive communication. The goal is to resolve each scenario effectively and efficiently through supportive communication. 1. You are the manager of the marketing department for a corporation. Yo

Product Returns and Supply Chain

Consider an item you have recently returned. Identify the steps the company would have to go through to return the product back up the supply chain from where you have returned it. What costs do you think would be involved in this process? Is there a way the company can design this reverse logistics process in order to add value

Supply Chain & Purchasing: CSR

Please discuss the following: Corporate social responsibility in purchasing and supply chain. Please include scholarly references. Approx 500 to 700 words. Topic Source: Salam, M. A. (2009). Corporate social responsibility in purchasing and supply chain. Journal of Business Ethics:Supplement, 85, 355-370.

The Business Models

What are the Pro/Cons with each of the following models: environment-industry-organization contingency, organizational life-cycle, action research model, eight-step approach, appreciative inquiry. Are there similarities/opposing perspectives amongst the afore mentioned models? How many change models are out there?

Conducting International in Business

Compare and contrast the culture in the U.S. with Mexico. Discus how you would take into account such differences in your international strategy.

Keeping Good Volunteers

Can you describe two benefits of nongoverning volunteer orientation, and two benefits of nongoverning volunteer training. Would you use examples that illustrate why orientation and training are essential to the volunteer program such as the American Red Cross