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Business Management

Mechanistic vs organic

Would you rather work in a mechanistic or an organic organization? Why? Explain your response with specific details and examples.

Four Input Factors of the Nader Tushman Model

How can you determine congruence among the four Input factors of the Nader Tushman Model? These factors are: Environment (factors external to the organization); Resources (factors internal to the organization); Organizational history (Persistent Traditions); and Strategy (goals, objectives and strategic initiatives)

Business Decisions Protocol in a City Government

See the attached file. Ramon Smith is city manager of a midsize town in Louisiana. The cite that he is managing has run its own cafeteria for many years. The staff has been with the city for 20 to 30 years and is in their forties and fifties. The city's evaluation unit, at Romon's request, has conducted a study showing that g

T-Test One-Way ANOVA Branch of Service SPSS

See the attached file. Using the dataset attached kindly assist with the following: a. Purpose Statement: The purpose of this study is to determine if there is a significant difference between the number of Blacks who served in the armed services and the number of Whites who served in the armed services. b. Proposed Hyp

Costs of Skilled Nursing Facility vs Skilled Home Care

Building off the Part 1 you completed , part II will focus on the methodology/design to answer how the research question posed in Part I will be accomplished. Address why your approach was chosen versus another while addressing the following: 1. Participants (population, sample method, and sample size) - Include the strate

Downsizing for BlackBerry

Select and summarize an article from Business Week archives; Time, Fortune, or Forbes magazine; or the Wall Street Journal on the impact of downsizing within organizations. Discuss both the positive and the negative impact of downsizing on HRP. On the basis of the content of the article, provide a definition of downsizing

Responsibility of MLB with Regard to the Steroid Issue

Can you help with ideas & notes? Critique the responsibility of MLB with regard to the steroid issue. • Could MLB argue that it is not an enforcement agent, and it has no way of determining whether every player is using steroids at any given time? • Does this argument excuse any responsibility on the part of MLB? •

Governance Structures of Nonprofit Organizations

What are the similarities and differences between elements of governance structures in nonprofit organizations for executive committees, advisory committees, and standing committees? (references please). Include expert insight on governance in nonprofit organizations.

Importance of Informal Groups

Please help with the following problem: In a work environment there are often informal groups that form such as people that are interested in things like sports etc. Do you think that a company can be successful if the employees do not have common interests and why?

Formal/Informal Groups within an Organization

After reading a broad description about groups within an organization. What are considered formal and informal groups (more details), can you give examples of such groups? Also, how do the norms within each group formal/informal influence a persons behavior or its members. Explain? Also, if an informal group establishes pers

Sources of Financing for a growth stage firm

Can you guide me on this short assignment? Include any references. All small business owners find themselves looking for small business funding at one point or another. In this simulation you are preparing to seek funding from venture capitalist, but there are many other sources of funding to consider. The small business owne

Managing Risk as a Project Manager

Asking your fellow project managers to provide input on the risk-management approach. Responsible for the following: -To refresh the project managers' memories, provide them with a condensed statement of the problem that you are addressing. -Additionally, provide them with the bulleted list of the impacts on the organization.

Tuckman Teamwork Theory

While reading the 4 stages of the Tuckman Schema theory, can someone explain and provide actions that a manager/supervisor should take at each stage of this process to best help the organization reach the performing stage? My limited experience does not allow for me to understand the managers/supervisors roles and actions in

Senge's Fifth Discipline

Senge's 5 key disciplines are "1) systems thinking, 2) achieving personal mastery, 3) shifting mental models, 4) building shared vision, and 5) team learning" (2007, para 6). They are key to achieving the goal of creating the learning organization. Please provide a review of how the Fifth Discipline has been integrated (eith

A brief explanation and concepts of strategic management.

Integrating strategy requires acknowledgement of environmental forces. Companies such as Netflix made several attempts to implement a strategy; consequently, an inadequate assessment of the environment did not prepare them for the loss of revenue as a result of negative consumer feedback. There are approximately five components

Posting Standard Operational Procedures....does it make sense?

In a weekly staff meeting, a safety zealot within the company proposes to place an informational sheet of standard operating procedures (SOP) placed at every machine and station. Many in the office see no reason to do so. Do you believe that there is value to outlining SOP at every machine? Explain your position and the

Analyzing Situations with Elasticity Concepts

1. Answer the following questions based on the accompanying diagram a. How much would the firm's revenue change if it lowered price from $12 to $10? Is demand elastic or inelastic in this range? b. How much would the firm's revenue changed if it lowered price from $4 to $2? Is demand elastic or inelastic in this range? c. Wha

Integrating Christian Faith and Values with Kao's Stewardship

"Tapping the world's innovation hotspots" (Kao, John, March 2009). Next, compare/contrast your views with Kao's view on the concept of stewardship and these types of opportunities. Where applicable speak to the integration of faith and Christian values to these management decisions.

Business management and work groups

I have been instructed to conduct research (research team examining the work groups) on a generic organization to determine factors that either enhance or inhibit group productivity. With that I chose a golf course organization. Before I invest much time in the research and writing, if someone can read and provide feedback wit

Profitability Analysis with Financial Ratio

Profitability analysis for two types of retailers. Information taken from recent annual reports of two retailers appears as follows (amounts in millions). One of these companies is Family Dollar Stores, a discount store chain, and the other is Abercrombie & Fitch, a specialty retailer of apparel. The income tax rate is 35%. Indi

Effect of Various Transactions on Financial Statement Ratios

Effect of various transactions on financial statement ratios. Indicate the immediate effects (increase, decrease, no effect) of each of the following independent transactions on (1) the rate of return on common shareholders' equity, (2) the current ratio, and (3) the liabilities to assets ratio. State any necessary assumptions.

Organizational design and group structures debate

Read the following debate points and take the opposite position. Provide a convincing argument as to why I should change my position. 1. All organizations should use the group structure as the basic building block for designing and organizing jobs because they it helps establish formal and informal organizational structures.

Organizations as Systems of Power

Organizations have been defined as "systems of power." Explain what this means. Give examples and include references in your 250 word response.

Multiculturalism in Teams

How can a better understanding of the cultural backgrounds and norms of team members help a team leader anticipate problems and prevent them in the initial team building session? Use atleat 100 words and site any sources used in APA format.

Concerns of a Virtual Team Leader

Describe how the concerns of a team leader differ when leading a virtual team from a more standard team. Use at least 100 words and cite any sources used in APA format.

Team Goals and Directives

Identify a team that you are currently participating in, or a team with which you have worked in the past. Identify norms and any explicit ground rules that were developed for the team. Even if the team did not have an explicit mission statement, as you reflect on the team goals and objectives, develop a team mission statement f