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    Purpose of vision and mission statements

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    Mission and vision statements can be powerful strategic weapons (Mullane, 2002) and vehicles for communicating culture.
    (Swales, & Rogers,1995). What are your thoughts/perspective on the power of these statements? How do you think they can be used strategically within the organization for communicating with employees and externally for communication with others?

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    Values-based leadership is the process of motivating employees by aligning the organization's goals with employee's personal values. In values-based leadership, the organization's vision and mission statements and objectives identify how employees should behave to fulfill the organization's mission.

    A goal of the vision and mission statements is for employees to believe that the organization is sincere in the values presented. In turn, the employees, too, will feel these needs and be moved to serve in the ...

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    The expert explains how mission and vision statement as a powerful strategic weapon and vehicles for communication culture.