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Business Management

Change and Resistance to Change Management

What are some methods managers can use to overcome the resistance to change, and why this is vital to organizational success? Discuss a time when you were required to change something in your organization, whether a process, procedure, policy, or something else. How did the change come about, and how did you deal with the cha

Accident Prevention in the Work Place - Robert Battles Article Review

I am to write a three page summary of the attached article and answer the following: What is the author's main point? Who is the author's intended audience? What is involved in analyzing potential job hazards and developing an accident prevention plan that will prevent and reduce the cost of accidents? How should you respon

Meaning of Flexible Budget

I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: summarizing and analyzing a recent article (less than one year old) on flexible budgets.

Foreign Direct investment (FDI) and its effects on the host and home countries

Resource-transfer effects, employment effects, balance-of-payment effects, and effects on competition and economic growth are the major benefits a country receives from inward FDI. Three costs of FDI concern host countries, namely: 1) they arise from possible adverse effects on competition within the host nation, 2) adverse effe

Rationale of European Integration

Starting with the first part of the previous century, Europe had a growing economy, a flexible social structure, and a good educational system, which assisted the gradual development of modern industrialization. At first, the positive attitude toward industrial prosperity was limited to important personalities like Monnet, but t

Ethical Considerations For Innovation In an Organization

Senior leaders need to embed innovation in the organizational culture by creating policies and taking actions to support innovation. What ethical aspects would you consider when creating policies to support innovation? Identify all the stakeholders that would be affected by the innovative policies that you intend to create.

Monsanto's Roundup Case Study

Please reference the attachment for a case study on the Monsantos Roundup. Please provide the responses to A, B & C in a Word doc only.

Google and its operational model

Google has been touted as a company that attracts, develops and retains outstanding talent. Using this link to the company's website,, give a detailed explanation to each of the following questions: 1. How does Google attract and hire talent? 2. How does Google develop and retain talent?

Air versus Ground Transport for Medical Emergencies

Assuming a person is conducting a qualitative study, define the phenomenon related to the research, and select a qualitative research design. Discuss the rationale for the research design selection of air versus ground transport of both medical and traumatic emergencies, and the patient outcomes based on the mode of transpor

Kroger & Customer Value

Kroger is one the largest grocery retailers in the country. Using the document I attached, give your answers and identify where and how Kroger creates value for their customer through the value chain. The Kroger website (link below) is a great source of information. Click on "About the Kroger Co." at the bottom of the webs

Innovation: IBM Innovation Strategy

Select an organization and discuss the innovation strategy used by the organization and identify the strengths and weaknesses of that type of innovation strategy. If you were the leader of an organization, what factors would you take into consideration when selecting an innovation strategy?

Global Business Ethics and Leadership

Hello I need help developing response to the following questions: 1. What risks might occur in dealing with different employee constituencies? Is it possible to use one set of criteria to hire nationals of the host country and different criteria to hire nationals of the country in which the organization is based? What America

Assessing and Alleviating Groupthink

Part 9 A - Describe the term groupthink. - Which attributes are typically present for groupthink to develop? - How can a team reduce the tendency for groupthink and move past the norming stage to the storming stage? B You have just been assigned the lead role on a team project at work. Your team is comprised of people fro

Portfolio Expected Rate of Return and Beta and the Constant Dividend Growth Model

Monica Dubois, an ABC investment advisor, has a new client, Mr. Jack Klein. Mr. Klein is a conservative investor who is interested in a required rate of return of 10% on his stock investments while assuming lower market risk. You are asked to help Monica make a suitable portfolio recommendation backed by risk-return calculations

Research Southwest Airlines Business Decisions

Research Southwest airlines and address the following: • Are employee empowered at Southwest Airlines and to what extent? • What are the benefits to empowering employees at an organization such as Southwest Airlines? • Provide your suggestions and recommendations for developing empowerment at Southwest. • How com

Technological Innovation and Communication

Kindly assist with the following questions: 1. To what extent is technology "an actor" in society, forming and evolving according to its own dynamic? 2. What are some of the key pitfalls for businesses that focus on technological innovation? Is there such a thing as being "too focused" on technological innovation? 3. Ho

The Growth of International Equity Market Essentials

The international equity market consists of all stocks bought and sold outside the issuer's home country. Stock exchange listings of the greatest number of companies from outside their own borders are Frankfurt, London, and New York. Respond to the following: What is the international equity market? Identify the factors

Different Philosophical Approaches to Ethics

Indonesia's economic growth has been hampered for decades, first because of the dictatorship of former President Suharto and the massive debts that were accumulated during his regime, and, more recently, because of the country's excessive red tape and corruption that make it difficult to start a business. Transparency Internatio

Absorption Costing Article

Perform an Internet search using the term, absorption costing and locate an article less than one year old from the results of your search. Please make sure that you do not select an instructor's lecture notes or a class assignment from the results of your search. After reading the article, write a brief paper 3 - 5 paragraphs t

ERP Business Implementations

I need help with conducting a preliminary search as well as responding to the following: - Discuss why an organization must expect the implementation of an ERP to disrupt operations. - Scalability has several dimensions. What are they? What do they mean for ERP installation? - Distinguish between the two-tier and three-tier c

Automobile supply chain

Provide an example of a supply chain for a specific product or service. Many supply chain examples can be found via the library and the Web. Which one area of the supply chain is the most critical link in the chain for this product and why?

Southwest Airlines - A Success Story

• Give a history of Southwest Airlines, it's background, how it was started, where it was started? • Where is Southwest Airlines based out off, where is the main branch or base of operation, or headquartered? • Who are some of their important leaders, what types of products or services do they offer? • What is Southwe

Leadership Challenge: B2C Verses B2B

Review the "Leadership Challenge: B2C Verses B2B" (see below) What are the major differences Charles will encounter between a B2B selling environment versus a B2C selling environment? As head of sales for Integrity, what are the two biggest challenges Charles will face in putting together a retail sales force? LEADERSHIP

Inventory Management & Supply Chain

Determine the - inventory turnover, - how to increase turnover, - what to focus on, - weeks of supply of raw material on hand necessary, - total cost of ownership analysis and - selecting suppliers. Please show all work and include formulas using the Excel spreadsheet I have uploaded.

Inventory management problems

"Jill's Job Shop buys two parts (Tegdiws and Widgets) for use in its production system from two different suppliers. The parts are needed throughout the entire 52-week year. Tegdiws are used at a relatively constant rate and are ordered whenever the remaining quantity drops to the reorder level. Widgets are ordered from a suppli

Competitive Advantage: Role of HR

Respond to the following in a brief paragraph (ensure to cite any references): Competitive advantage is major gain by an company when it provides the same value as it competitors but at a lower price or can charge higher prices for a better value through some sort of difference between the product or service. HR can help crea