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    Locations of Online Stores

    Nowadays, there are so many online stores. Is location still important? If an online store needs to deliver large quantity of goods (e.g. amazon.com), how would the store chooses the location or distribution center? Can you give an example?

    Ethics in International Business and International Trade Theory

    You are visiting one your organization's plants in a poor nation. You discover a young girl (under the age of 16) is working the factory floor. The company has a strict prohibition on child labor. You remind the plant manager of the policy and insist that she should go back to the local school. The plant manager tells you th

    Assessing Quantatitive Research Methods

    When reviewing your topic of interest, are you finding that most of the research are quantitative or qualitative in nature? Pick one of your quantitative studies/sources of information. Tell us the problem statement of the study and provide us an overview of the research effort. Then tell us what kind of quantitative design is u

    Adverse Affects of Financial Reporting,

    Current events in business affecting financial reporting or performance measurements are tied to financial measurements. Provide the URL of a short article online and describe how the company you researched is affected by its financial reporting issue.

    Brazil vs Venezuela - Globalization and Global Differences

    You are the CEO of a large company seeking to invest in either Central or South America and have directed your staff to prepare a report and recommendations. Two of the countries you are assigned are Brazil and Venezuela, and it is your task to make the recommendation between these two countries. Assess the various risks in ea

    Employee discipline, separation, and conflict

    Write a 3-4 (1200 words) page paper on legal risk incorporating the issues of discipline, separation, and conflict. Separation can include voluntary and involuntary separation, cost of separation, reasons for dismissal, and wrongful discharge. Conflict can include dispute resolution & the negotiation process. Incorporate two to

    Using SWOT analysis in one's personal life

    SWOT analysis can be very influential for strategic planners and instrumental in determining strategies for many organizations. Can this be applied to a person's private life, too? If so, what applications do you see?

    Integrated Supply Chain

    In your own words. What is an integrated supply chain? What are the key elements/challenges in an integrated supply chain? What are the specific benefits to firms that implement superior supply chain management? Integrated supply chains to be explored Alan Johnson. Manufacturers' Monthly. Sydney: May 2007. pg. 24.

    Operations: Make-to-Stock, Assemble-to-Order, and Make-to-Order

    Can you provide a business example from one of the three operations strategies: make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, and make-to-order. Explain how the strategy works. Is it effective? What it would take for a company to move from a make-to-stock strategy to make-to-order, and vice versa.

    Decision Making: Satisficing

    Discuss the concept of satisficing. In your answer, discuss the positive and negative aspects of applying satisficing in decision making.

    Overcoming Biases and Heuristics

    Is your ability to make rational decisions altered by biases you may have? What heuristic have you used and what are the biases associated with that heuristic? What kind of things could you do to overcome the bias generated by the heuristic?

    Research Problem and Statement of Purpose

    Review one of the research studies that you found for your research study literature review. Discuss the purpose of the study and the type of research approach that is used. Then tell how you determined the purpose. Did the author clearly articulate the purpose for the reader? Explain the difference between the purpose and the p

    Credit risk, market risk, operational risk, and financial risk

    The four main types of risk inherent to businesses are credit risk, market risk, operational risk, and financial risk. Identify one company (US companies) representative of each form of risk. Analyze how each company manages this risk. How do the company's methods compare to its strategy? What might the company do differently t

    Solicitation Strategies

    1. Can you compare (similarities and differences) solicitation strategies for foundations, corporations, and government entities. Also can you describe the strategies you are comparing and key steps in each? 2. Can you explain/provide a couple insights about solicitation strategies based on your comparison?

    Business Management and Leadership: Traits, Elements, and Styles

    Part 1: Of the five key elements of leadership, which do you think is the most important? Why? Do you think leaders are born or are they made? If you think leadership skills can be taught, what would you do to develop those skills? Of the five managerial leadership skills identified in the text, which skill is your strength

    Political Process, Solidarity, Actuarial Fairness

    In a paragraph format: 1. Please identify and describe in detail the steps involved in the political process a. Each step has its own specific characteristics, provide examples of each. 2. Please explain the concept of actuarial fairness and present an argument in support of that position 3. Please explain the concept of sol

    Healthcare Delivery Systems

    Explain the four basic functional components of the U.S. health care delivery system include financing, insurance, delivery and quality. Then, answer the 2 follow up questions: 1. Which of these components is more important than the other three? Why? 2. What type of organization would best lobby for your chosen co

    Organizational Learning And Innovation In An Organization

    If you were the leader of an organization and you needed to create a culture that supported organizational learning and innovation, what are some of the steps that you would take to ensure that happened? What types of challenges do you think you would run into when trying to create the learning culture?

    Standard Costing Model in Workplace

    Have you ever worked in a company that utilized activity based costing, standard costing, a Just-In-Time operating environment, or any of the other costing concepts covered in our readings during this module? Describe your experience with any of these managerial philosophies and your opinion on their effectiveness.

    Types of risks for financial institutions

    Identify risk exposures for a financial institution (business risk, market risk, inflation risk, credit risk, interest rate risk, etc.). Then develop a mitigation strategy for those risk exposures. Apply loss control methods to each of the hazards identified. What groups are accountable? What are the intended outcomes? What migh

    Supply Chain Management During Katrina

    On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf coast. Proctor & Gamble coffee manufacturing, with brands such as Folgers that get over half of their supply from sites in New Orleans, was severely impacted by the hurricane. Six months later, there were, as a P&G executive told the New York Times "still

    Donor Education Strategies

    1. What would you say is the importance of donor education in the resource develop process as it applies to nonproft as Susan G. Komen. 2. Can you describe 2 or 3 donor education strategies that could be used in this nonprofit organization and how each strategy might best communicate organizational efforts relating to the organ

    Sensitivity Analysis and CEA

    In your own words define what a sensitivity analysis is and discuss why it is a critical step in conducting CEA. Provide examples.

    Overview of Change Management Requirements Process

    1. You have been asked to assess the interface for company XYZ's online job bank and resume submission function. You have limited information, however, you do know that: - HR is overwhelmed with the number of resume submissions. - Internal users complain that their applications disappear into never-never land -and that they

    Organizational Communication and Integrated Perspectives

    Since we all play a part in creating the "shared realities" of our organizations, what ethical responsibilities should we recognize and assume? What are the communication implications of the use of integrated perspectives in an organization?

    Risk Exposure Identification and Analysis: The Case of a Bank

    Choose a restaurant, laundry, grocery store, bank or other retail business of your choice. Perform a risk identification analysis using no fewer than two tools. Provide your rationale for your decisions. Why did you not use the other tools? How might the identified risk exposures impact organizational strategy and outcomes? Incl