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Business Management

Important Issues in Management

Recognize situations that present potential ethical issues, and develop solutions for those issues. Appropriately use effective communication techniques. Describe the opportunities provided by technology for businesses. Apply principles of quantitative and qualitative research to business cases. Explain the roles of emotion

Organizational Strategic Goals

1.Can you explain strategies that you feel might be used to define, prioritize, and meet short-term goals (1-4 years) for an organization such as the American Red Cross? 2.How the goals would support flexibility in an ever-evolving world. Can you explain strategies that you suggest might be used to define, prioritize, and meet

Healthcare.gov Challenges

Based on your readings, identify key challenges associated with the implementation of healthcare.gov. Analyze what went wrong. Why did it go wrong? What are the main issues pertinent for consideration from a policy implementation perspective? add references

Nurturing Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring

After I watched Dr. Warren Bennis's video of "Nuturing Leadership," Dr. Warren Bennis states that terrific organizations led by outstanding leaders have leadership at every level within the organization. Also, he goes on to say that they place a value on both mentoring and coaching. How is coaching/mentoring similar and diff

Comparison of big global businesses

Select one (1) global industry, such as the automobile or cell phone industry. Next, use the Internet to research three (3) major international competitors within the chosen industry. Take note of manner in which the popular international business press (e.g., newspapers, magazines, e-zines, press releases, etc.) depicts the sel

Decision Making in Management and Business

Summarize the role of decision making in business. Describe common biases in decision making. Interpret reflective and expedient decision making. Apply the standard of APA style to all research and writing tasks. Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations. 1. How will accomplishing these objectives supp

Roles in strategic planning and organizations

1. As an organizational leader trying to develop collaborative support for new strategies, what would you say is the most critical aspect for you to consider in terms of stakeholder roles (i.e., cultural competency, stakeholder engagement, etc.)? 2. In working with the stakeholders of an organization that has a dynamic and co

Time restraints in operations improvement

You are the operations manager of a large manufacturing company that produces widgets. Your widgets currently sell for $100 each. Your current cost to produce these widgets is $80.00 each. You have proposed a series of changes to the operations process that would reduce the cost to produce a widget to $64.00. The marketing manag

Richard Fuld's Refusal to Change

Can someone describe in their own words/experience when a leader refused to change his/her leadership style and/or didn't recognize a need for change in order to achieve desired results. What was the reason for the change(s) and what were the end results?

NPV, APR, EAR Calculations

1. What is the "value additivity corollary" with respect to evaluating ash flows over time? 2. What is the difference between APR (Annual Percentage rate) and EA (Effective Annual rate)?

Ethical and Unethical Leadership Practices: Impact on Reputation

Understand that the success of any business is through the leader's ethical practices, ethics should be the foundation of any organization and/or business. Look for two articles (references); one on ethical practices, and the other on unethical practices. Summarize how each would impact the companies reputation in the marketplac

Collaboration in an Organization's Strategic Planning Process

Explain the role of collaboration, cooperation, and coordination in an organization's strategic planning process. Also how would stakeholders of an organization might create a unified meaning for ideas, goals, and/or missions? Please include references.

Is Information Technology making society dumber?

Nicholas Carr wrote several articles that discussed how information technology is making society less educated over time because we are continuously relying on computers more and more over time. Provide 3 pages of information (not including references) in the form of an argument explaining how information technology is or isn't


Explain statistical methods and tools used in quality measurement and improvement, including flowcharts, cause-and-effect diagrams, Pareto charts, and run charts. How are these used to assist in improving healthcare organizations?

Labor Management Relations

Part 1: When management and labor reaches an impasse, they have three options for third-party resolution (mediation, arbitration, and fact-finding). Describe each option as well as when it is best for each to be used. Under what conditions or circumstances it would be best to use each option? Part 2: If labor and management

Why is IT strategy focused on maintaining cutting-edge technology?

Provide information on "why an IT strategy focused on maintaining a cutting-edge technology position is the most effective way to support any kind of overall business strategy." Reference Material: Eric Berkman (2001, January 24), Why we're Still Talking About Alignment, CIO Magazine. Retrieved from http://www.cio.com.au/art

The Future Direction of Digital Transformation

1. Indicate areas of further research in digital transformation of the traditional business world that would be beneficial. 2. What potential impact might the digital transformation have on the overall state of the field and the future directions of IT for a competitive advantage research in the next 3-5years?

Creating business value from IT investments

I'm looking for a (4-5 page) paper discussing "How can organizations create business value from IT investments?" It must contain 3 references. Additional Info for reference: SMITH, H. A., MCKEEN, J. D., & SINGH, S. (2007). DEVELOPING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY FOR BUSINESS VALUE. Journal of Information Technology Manag

Digital Transformation of Traditional Business

Topic: Digital transformation of traditional business 1 State and provide background information for the digital transformation of traditional business. 2 What are the current theories and areas of debate for the digital transformation of traditional businesses? 3 Are there particular industries or technologies that will b

Global Management, M&A, Corporate Governance, Strategy

1. How difficult is it for merger and acquisition strategies to create value and which firms benefit the most from M & A activity? 2. What are the incentives for firms to use international strategies? What are the three basic benefits firms can derive by moving into international markets? 3. Explain the rationales for a

IMF and Tight Monetary Policy

Do you think the IMF policy of a tight monetary policy and reduced government spending is the appropriate response for nations experiencing a currency crisis? What are the implications for international business? Explain your answer in a well-constructed and cogent response

Centrally Organized Health Care

Which countries have a centrally organized and controlled healthcare system? How comprehensive is coverage in each of the countries with a national health service?