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Business Management

Consolidation of Airlines

1. How does consolidation improve airlines' revenues? How might it improve their costs? 2. Are there any disadvantages to the airlines consolidating? 3. Why do you think Southwest Airlines is (on average) one of the most profitable of the U.S. airlines? Should it attempt to integrate with other airlines? Why or why not?

Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine.

Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine I need help in researching and rounding off the topic discussed in the two attached articles. Please review the articles and provide substantial answers to the questions below. Please include at least four primary, peer reviewed articles as references. 1. Critique the two articl

Management: Teamwork, Leadership, Charisma, and SWOT

1. Based on the definition of a group versus the definition of a team, have you been a part of a group, a team, or both in your past or current work situations? What do you think are the best parts of working as part of a team? What do you think are the worst parts of working as part of a team? How can you as a manager encourage

Worldwide Supply Chain

What are the problems companies face when they expand their supply chain worldwide? What are your suggestions? You should identify at least four problems/issues. You should use at least one additional resource. Make your claims and back them up with information from the reading and your other references. Add some of your own

Comprehensive SWOT Analysis on Walmart

Please provide a SWOT analysis for Walmart, which consists of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Each category should describe the issues that fall under that area. The opportunities and threats should have at least ten items identified for each.

Manufacturing In-house vs. Outsourcing

An essential issue in international business is determining which components to manufacture in-house and which to outsource to independent suppliers. Is outsourcing a good idea? Explain your answer in a persuasive way.

Purchasing Power Parity and Inflation

the increase in the money supply as being analogous to giving people more money. If the output of goods and services is not growing at a similar rate, inflation will eventually occur. According to PPP Theory, what will happen to the U.S. dollar? Why?

Cost Optimization

Referring to the table in the attached table, consider that hiring a driver costs $10 while each machine costs $100. Which method should he use and why? See attachment

ICT Facilitated Growth and Organizational Competitivenes

How has ICT facilitated growth and organizational competitiveness in wholesale and retail trade? Describe how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries such as the Caribbean appear to be most under threat.

The Competitve Escalation Paradign

America and the Soviet Union have been competing with one another during the Cold War and post-Cold War eras. In hopes of gaining strategic advantages over the other, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was created. Explain what the Strategic Defense Initiative was. How did the United States and the Soviet Union apply the com

Protectionism and unfair trade practices

Unions in developed nations often oppose imports from low-wage countries and are strong advocates of restrictive trade barriers to protect what they view as "unfair" import competition. Is such competition "unfair"? Explain your answer with a well-constructed argument and examples to illustrate your point(s).

Economic progress

Economic progress within a country seems to depend on how well property rights are protected. Explain the relationship between property rights, corruption, and economic progress and their importance to the economic development of a nation.

Major funding sources for non-profit

Can you give a description of five major funding sources (at least one must be a foundation) you might pursue for a breast cancer organization? For each funding source can you give an explanation of how you would cultivate relationships with prospective donors? Discuss the following: - How you would educate prospective dono

Capital Investment Without Debt

Often when deciding to implement a capital investment decision, funding through acquiring debt must be obtained. Recently the credit market has been tight to non-existent. Using the information in any external research, describe how companies are dealing with the problem of not being able to obtain loans to implement capital inv

Evaluate Communication Techniques

1. What impact, positive or negative, has electronic media had in communicating business-related information? 2. As a manager, what factors might you consider in selecting the most effective communication tools for your employees? For internal leadership? For your external stakeholders? 3. What, in your opinion, are the most i

Sourcing and Transportation

Explain the differences between sourcing manufactured products versus services. Identify some key challenges that would occur in defining service specifications versus manufacturing specifications. Provide an example of each.

Creating a Proposal on Secure Funding

The purpose of this assignment is for you to step into a manager's role in the development of a business document. Please respond to the scenario below in the form of a PowerPoint. In your presentation, consider the steps Guffey and Loewy (2015). Scenario: You are the manager of a team of six proposal-writing professionals. Y

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

Research sexual harassment and retaliation cases. Provide a timeline and a narrative of the cases that set legal precedence in the areas of retaliation and sexual harassment. Discuss how these cases have shaped Human Resource Management policy and planning. Response needs to be at least 1,000 words; include citations and referen

Appreciation Strategies of Non-profit Organizations

1. What are your thoughts about the importance of appreciation in the resource development process for a nonprofit such as Susan Komen? 2. As a donor, would you describe one appreciation strategy that you would prefer and another that you would not prefer, and explain why? 3. In your explanation, are there any cultural or ot

Inventory Management and Lean Hospitals

Why is it important to manage the inventory levels? Can you list some pros and cons for holding a big inventory for the companies? Given lean manufacturing is popular nowadays, many hospitals also go with the lean approach. Can you lean hospital in your area? Will it be pleasant if the hospital run out of supply when patients ne

Use of Diagrams in TQM

The The Excellent Manufacturing Company is experiencing quality problems with its Brak-Et line. Rejects and rework have started to go above the 10% level. This is now costing more than $50,000 per month in scrap and rework. The Mfg Engr. Dept. decided to do a Six Sigma project and reduce these excessive costs of poor quality tha

The Connection Between Job Design and Employee Motivation

Select two obstacles and propose a method to overcome the obstacles with a focus on increasing employee job satisfaction. The two I chosen are complications from individual differences and creating new jobs as part of growth or downsizing Then, select an opportunity and apply the opportunity to your current or former workplac

Material Requirements Pan Using MRP Tableau

Use the following information and the attached editable MRP tableau worksheet to determine a complete material requirements plan for the 5 week planning horizon. A garden equipment manufacturer has a product that it makes which is represented by the following product structure tree along with other pertinent data: Informatio

Degrees in Business Quality Management Management Specialists

These are the outlines of a few courses of a Business Quality Management Degree. Read and answer the following questions. The Business Quality Management Degree is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement organizational change through quality improvement in all organizational processe